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    Hey 87 WE2 what was your out come on door decal , I saw a post of yours I'm in same boat mine is...

    Hey 87 WE2 what was your out come on door decal , I saw a post of yours I'm in same boat mine is faded lil vin is visable but the rest is gone?
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    Duttweiller motored T stolen

    Wow sorry for your loss!But the first bolt on my buick was a Clifford with anti jack back when I bought the car in 2001 the installation took bout 4 hours and the installer told me said they to rewire around the alarm to get passed it which ain't gonna be easy,I know a professional car thief or...
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    Did this cop go too far?

    Opposite of Rodney king beatings with white ppl !
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    1400 mile GN on ebay.

    a queen for sure ! can't believe 1000 something miles and reserve not met !
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    Factory Header Material

    Race gas does wonders on stock headers !
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    Billet 67 runs 9.71

    The Lord works in mysterious ways !
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    Billet 67 runs 9.71

    Amen brother Jesus and Saint Laz !
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    Lc2 87 gn complete runing engine..

    250 deal or no deal complete with rod knock and all i give you back the head gaskets and arp studs and you can keep the flux capacitor ;)
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    Lc2 87 gn complete runing engine..

    how about $250.00 i pick it up .
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    1987 Silver 10 Second T

    She's a KEEPER !
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    Jesus's 9.78 pass and Manny's 8.30 pass at PBIR.

    Laz Racing all day ,great job guys it was worth it to go the extra mile on the stock set up with those custom ordered bearings ! Hopefully Laz can keep me up there with your tranny ! 9.89-10.00 @ 133-135
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    GN1 headers and exhaust vs TA headers

    got some for sale with dual waste gates Turbonetics evolution 2 of them on the cross over Ported and polished and reinforced no leaks .
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    Looking 4 Real World 10.0 Combo

    go with the billet 67 !
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    Reynolds '09 Update Thread!

    thanks for the pics vids and updates wish I could've made it even just to cheer and help my boys LAZ,ROY,& MANNY !
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    1987 Buick Grand National, 69k original miles for Sale

    that's how I feel ,family & friends tell me all the time sell it buy a boat put a pool in the house .Bull crap I have older friends that tell how they had 396 chevelle and novas they wished they can find now and not sold theirs years ago !