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  • MCH86GN
    MCH86GN replied to the thread Morel roller lifter pin failure.
    My lifters were purchased in 15 or 16, they are Morel Standard Travel. I've put 2000 easy/mild miles on the car, since late summer of...
  • salvageV6
    salvageV6 replied to the thread Grounding fuel tank?.
    Make sure you go OUTSIDE the weld seam on that flange (bent tab), it's hard to see sometimes, when you drill the hole for the bolt.
  • getdowngranny
    getdowngranny replied to the thread Scan master G for XFI.
    Just checking in to see if there is any traction on this.
  • TurboTGuy
    TurboTGuy replied to the thread Billet Belt Tensioner problems.
    He answered my e mail. "It's the first time I hear these, whoever wants the tensioner repair all they had to do is send it back to us...
  • Will Rhoades
    Will Rhoades replied to the thread Grounding fuel tank?.
    Any noticeable difference after you added the ground? Also, I noticed a ground wire going from the fuel pump relay to the frame. Did you...
  • chris kirk
    So a while back my 200r4 took a crap on me and after pricing the cost of shipping it out and upgrading to a stage 3 with a converter I...
  • Steve V
    Steve V replied to the thread Phil G's stage stroker.
    It's a CASV4 , I agree the precision would be better , but this is not a max effort build, no alky, it should be a fun car!
  • Pronto
    Pronto replied to the thread Phil G's stage stroker.
    Looks like that intercooler is going to be a little over taxed.:LOL:
    I'm not sure, we covered the outer edges with the writing when it was framed. Just thought it looked better. I have the certificate in a...
  • M
    MrScary666 left a message on marleyskater420's profile.
    Hey, I see that you have some rotating assembly items for sale. I am in the market for forged pistons, 4340 crank and some good rods...
  • RmvBfrFlght
    RmvBfrFlght replied to the thread Grounding fuel tank?.
    I used some 8 AWG wire I had around and ran it from the tank, through the interior, out the firewall and grounded it to the engine. As...
  • M
    Mr.Spool replied to the thread Precision vs Turbonetics.
    call jack cotton for a turbonetics turbo he probably has what you need on the shelf.i have run several turbos and are around alot of...
  • T- Type Tim
    T- Type Tim replied to the thread Workmanship! Long Rant!.
    2 quick things, As we get older we should realize things like this that we can do ourselves but don’t want to..... they don’t have to...
  • Darkstar72
    I agree as I had the same oil puddling on back of intake manifold. I recently went through the upper end with new valve cover gaskets...
  • M
    Mr.Spool replied to the thread How much boost for the street?.
    running the cars lean hurts them.give enough octane and tune to your leanest cylinder and you can make alot of power. then after that...