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David, I've somehow managed to lose the "Z" inside detent link for my 2004R, and I'm hoping you would have an extra you would sell. If so how much? Thanks in advance.
Jerry Turner aka HellOnWheels
Vacuum block and EGR have been shipped out.
USPS Tracking #: 9505 5121 2149 8162 3706 05
Estimated Delivery: Wednesday, 6/13/2018
Hello Bison: Need help: I purchased a new PTE Gen2 68/70mm Turbo for my 87 Turbo T. Balanced and Blueprinted 3.8 stoke stroke w/Champion Aluminum heads/Intake, 218/218, and 83lbs injectors. I have a 3" DP and dual 2.5 exhaust w/3.73 gears, & 2004r and a 3800 stall from Protorque. I can't get it to stall past 2400 before I start to spin the tires.....Eric from TT thinks the turbo could be an issue w/my setup.