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Have just landed a pair of brand new 1989 stage 11 v6 alloy heads here in New Zealand and another pair getting ported and sent over too, these have been setting in a shop in USA all these years and i found the head shop on a Buick site 5 months ago so who knows might be more some where . start looking.
Hey slickv6 - you still in the Bonita/Fort Myers/Naples area? I am bck with my '84 again. Just opening up so haven't been to any cruise nights - went to the Rotary Club Auto/Food Truck Wars show at the racetrack - no biggy - won't go next year. I hear most of the cruise nights from last year have changed and I haven't found any new ones yet. You still active?
Ok I remember, I forgot your username though. I’m giving the other guy until tomorrow to decide. I’ll update you.
Good morning, sent you a PM about status on the FPR bracket assy I paid for in advance at Bowling Green last month...just checking on approx. release date?? thanks Jay