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If you haven't found a posi unit yet I have one. $200 shipped. I can send pics if desired. There is a partial install kit included.
My mobile TB is not working very well after the crash. I can send pics to text if available ?
Thanks N2BUICK 405 831 5195
haven't found one or really spent time on it since been working on heads, intake and getting motor put back together. Appreciate you sending me pics and info when you get a chance. you can text me pics/info at 517-749-7887 if that's easier.
I'm going to look at your old limited was there any metal work done on the car/frame especially because of the t-tops leaking ?tried finding the rebuild that you did for any other information looks greatwith the work you have done.Thanks in advance Jim 860-280-7519
Doug, I would like to know what Buick Registry has or can get tracking the ownership on GNX 119. Originally Straub Motors out of Keyport, NJ as a dealer had it for 25 years. I believe it was wholesaled to Marshall Goldman Dealer.