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MAF pipe has a couple of dings in it. Primarily from being used with a stock location intercooler.

I will need your email address as I can't attach any pictures.
Hi Joel,

Sounds good, I'll get your valve covers boxed up and shipped tomorrow (Monday). Not clear if you attempted payment yet but nothing has shown up in my account yet. Feel free to text if you like.


Hi Brad:
Thanks very much!! My address is 129-05 Rockaway Beach Blvd, Belle Harbor, NY 11694. Please let me know the cost for shipping and where I can send you the cash. I am an old timer and do not have paypal or venmo but I am good for the cash. Thanks again!! Have a great weekend!! Stay well!!
$15. Brad Fairhurst 5758 Breezeland Rd Carpentersville IL 60110
Hi Brad: Thanks again - I will get the cash out to you on Monday. Have a great day!!