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Apr 4, 2002
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Fiberglass bumper filler dude. (949) 433-1257, from Huntington Beach CA.

Staff Member
SPOOLFOOL2 was last seen:
Dec 17, 2017 at 10:54 AM
    1. Jerry86Ttype
      Betos monster ?
      1. SPOOLFOOL2
        OOps. What did I put? It was late. I'll check it out.
        Oct 29, 2017
      2. SPOOLFOOL2
        Sorry about that. Got it fixed. :)
        Oct 29, 2017
    2. Spot84
      Rumor has it that you might be in the "works" of reproducing a header panel? Is this true?
      1. SPOOLFOOL2
        Accusations are true. I don't like telling people what I'm doing before it's done. But, yea. I've been working on it for a while. Still have a ways to go.
        Sep 17, 2017
      2. Spot84
        Great! Well I will be looking forward to the finished product. I need a panel. I totally understand not telling people about what ya got going. I'm sure you would be answering a lot of questions. Thank you for responding. I really appreciate it
        Sep 17, 2017
    3. 604Stig
      Hi Mike, I'd like to order a set of the front and rear fillers for 85 GN. Shipping to 98230, how can I place the order and go about getting you payment?
      1. SPOOLFOOL2
        A few different options. Give me a call tomorrow. Happy 4th of July.

        Mike B.
        (949) 433-1257
        Jul 4, 2017
    4. qwkT
      mike, really enjoying your fillers. quick question: what size wheel/tire combo you running on rear? any mods to make em fit?
      1. SPOOLFOOL2
        Apr 29, 2017
    5. v6togo
      whats the cost for rear black filler to 16066. also do you still have turbo heat shields?
      1. SPOOLFOOL2
        Mar 20, 2017
      2. SPOOLFOOL2
        I'm out of the turbo shields right now. I hope to have time to make more this year. I've got lots of projects right now. :)
        Mar 20, 2017
      3. v6togo
        I may do that ,thanks.
        Mar 21, 2017
    6. qwksht
      thanks mike,i will,i am looking forward to installing these,my rotweiller actually ate my passenger side front filler....stupid dog
    7. qwksht
      Can I get an estimate on shipping your front fillers for a 87 gn to area code 19053,thanks
      1. SPOOLFOOL2
        I'm in California. This is where I make them. It would be best (and cheapest) to got them thru one of my vendors. How far are you from Kirban's Performance in Plumstedville , PA?

        Mike B.
        Jan 13, 2017
      2. qwksht
        okay thanks,i didn't know kirbans sold them,he is only 30 minutes from me,thanks again
        Jan 14, 2017
      3. SPOOLFOOL2
        No problem. Please tell them that I sent you. And have a great weekend.

        Mike B.
        Jan 14, 2017
    8. Double-L
      Tried searching the post on here and could't find a for sure answer. What is the cost for a full set of fiberglass filler panels? PM reply. Include best contact info for ordering as well if you could.
      1. SPOOLFOOL2
        A full set is $650.00 plus shipping. What state do you live in? Best to call me tomorrow after 9:00 AM Pacific time. Mike B. (949) 433-1257
        Oct 9, 2016
    9. turbota440
      I was wondering if you were going to have a Christmas special on your fillers?
      Also read your signature and was curious what fuel pump combo you are using. When you say cross wired is that sarcasm for Racetronix? Lol
      1. View previous comments...
      2. SPOOLFOOL2
        These are expensive to ship, as the box is 6 feet long. Are you going to paint them? I have a few "blems" that I could let go for cheap. Some of the blemishes will hide under the bumper, even if you don't plan on painting them. I only sell blems to locals. Cash and carry. I could probably get you a nice rear filler for $250.00 cash. My shop is in Costa Mesa.
        Dec 17, 2015
      3. turbota440
        When I come to Anaheim in the next two weeks, I'll call ahead and drop by to check out what you have and decide then. Thank you
        Dec 17, 2015
      4. SPOOLFOOL2
        Sounds good. Give me a call when you're heading this way.
        Mike B. (949) 433-1257
        Dec 17, 2015
    10. turbo chris1970
      turbo chris1970
      Do you know who sells fiberglass front bumpers and rear? Also how much are you selling one driver side bumper fillers I had some fat chick slam my front bumper and it crushed it thank god the damage was not worse
      1. SPOOLFOOL2
        Call Kirban's for the fiberglass bumpers. We just sell the front fillers in sets for $320.00.
        Jul 23, 2015
    11. cougarcat
      I'd like to purchase a set of your front fillers for my GN. Please call(4046809789) or pm me with price (shipped to 30126) and payment terms. Thanks, Gerry
    12. TurboTwisterToo
      Hi I'm interested in your rear bumper filler. Please call me at 732-267-9403. Thanks
    13. Paul44k
      Please give me a call. 863 969 7306
    14. Jeff 84
      Jeff 84
      I'm interested in your rear bumper filler... My zip code is 23960 ... Prospect Virginia
      Can you give me a price??? Thanks in advance
    15. Gary Wells
      Gary Wells
      I'm hoping to be there Sat.
    16. watz

      Can you compare your fiberglass to Brian's retro urethane filler panels? Cost, looks, longevity, pro's and con's?
      1. SPOOLFOOL2
        I've never held one of Brian's fillers in my hand, however I've heard good things from most of the people who've bought them. His fillers and mine seem to be the most popular ones out there. Many people buy his fronts and my rear one piece filler. As his fronts are a bit cheaper than mine and my one piece rear is a bit cheaper than his two piece rear.

        Mike Barnard
        Sep 25, 2013
    17. Larry L.
      Larry L.
      I can't seem to find where to order the bumper fillers.
      1. SPOOLFOOL2
        Call me for shipping cost. Fillers are in stock. (949) 433-1257
        Sep 14, 2013
      2. Larry L.
        Larry L.
        Will do! I will call you tomorrow, Thx!
        Sep 15, 2013
    18. 2nasty
      brian weaver 11200 smallwood dr. Burleson 76028
    19. gnfanatic
      Mike. I think killer, street worthy fiberglass doors is in your future.
    20. TheBlackKnight
      Hi Mike! Great looking piece, definitely want a set, but do you make a front version for an 81? Need the whole set up, 20 years of sitting in the sun have not been kind, most of the pieces are gone, so cleanup will be easy! Will try calling this week!
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  • About

    I like candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach, and poking dead things with a stick.


    One peice fiberglass rear bumper fillers. In stock. Ready to ship. $370.00 each.
    *NEW* Fiberglass front fillers $320.00

    ^ ^
    This is why my daughter is amazing

    PM, or call for shipping. (949)433-1257

    87 GN
    Lou Czarnota "special:cool: " mutton motor, Champion cnc irons, Dihydrogen monoxide cooled 6265 dbl bb hair dryer with afterburner option, 212/212 Hyd roller bumpstick, Morel lifters, V4 boost activated squirrel catcher, 60 lbs squirters, crosswired 340, THDP, Kenne Bell air canister (used as office trash can), TA headers, Cotton's s/s exhaust, disemboweled feline, Razor's dbl nozzle booze shooter, TT WB chip, MH Big Mouth air intake, LS1 MAF with trans, AC 9" non LU conv, old Len Freeman gear box, trans brake, 373 gear, Viagra axles, air bags, HR boxed LCAs, Metco adj UCAs, 275-60-15 MT DRs, scanmaster, Powerlogger, tune and combo inspiration By Brutal-6 Racing. Thanks Neal and Morgan.
    Also, about $8000.00 worth of other junk that I'm too ashamed of or not mentioning.
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