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    Jason White goes 8.77

    I think that I have a video of his 8.77 run on my (now old) Galaxy S phone. I will check & try to post it.
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    having issue with TPS

    Try or With advance if you order online you normally get a 15 - 20% discount, then select to pick it up at your nearest store.
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    Improved door hinges

    We need a vendor to either refurbish or completely redesign some new door hinges for these cars due to the weight of the doors. My friends & I have discussed this topic and ALL OF US would be willing to pay more for a set of premium hinges possibly machined from billet steel. (can you say RJC...
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    Tankless Water Heaters...anyone have one?

    How much gas would our little turbo V6 motors burn if they idled in our driveways 24/7 for a whole month, & really only got driven normally for 30 minutes or an hour each day? I don't need hot water all the time, & when I turn the faucet on it's there, scalding hot, each & every time. Do your...
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    Tankless Water Heaters...anyone have one?

    Love mine. Bought it off of Ebay about 3 years ago for about $500. Steibel Eltron brand made in Germany. Distributor said they're good with 0 returns, & said stay away from Titan brand due to alot of returns. Make to to size heater appropriately in case you plan on using 2 showers at once. Mine...
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    Support Me In The 2008 MS-150!

    MS Ride Five bucks, no problemo. buickcowboy.
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    fwd roller and non roller cam parts in gn motor

    :cool: Me too, thanks.
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    The Biggest Giveaway Ever- Christmas 07 Mega Charity Drive! ToyForTots!

    buickcowboy It's a great cause. We do the same thing here at work, too!
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    May 07 TurboBuick & Giveaway!

    Please add me to the winner's list.
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    April Contest! GiveAway AGAIN!!!

    Turbo X 2 Me too.
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    January FREE Give Away! FRONT AIR DAM!!!

    Let me know when I win. Thanks again Brian.
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    All Florida Turbo Regal/TTA Owners Sign in here

    NE Florida Halfway between Lake City & Jacksonville (Macclenny). '87 GN & '87 T Limited w/WO2 option.
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    BIG GIVE AWAY!!! Nov. Contest!

    Count me in! Brian, thanks for providing us with more real world products, not just overpriced B.S.