Recommend a good shop


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Hi all
I have an 87 GN with 32k on it. It needs a tune up there is some hesitation when I step in the gas. Car is bone stock.

Any suggestions on who I can bring it to with Buick experience?

I live in Mansfield

Thank you


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Drivability can be greatly improved with a fresh set of injectors and new chip. I'll be available through Friday and back Monday morning if you want to stop by and discuss. I'm in new Britain 06051

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Can't go wrong with bison. I've know him close to 20 years now and he's helped me more times than I can count. He's helped with some obscure problems that he's figured out in a couple minutes. If you go anywhere else your nuts.


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Bison X1000...... never get screwed and HE is the only one working on ur car. well worth the trip imo.