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  • 2014 is the expected resurrection, haven't driven the car since 2011 and only for about 200 miles at that.
    Hey. Where can I get those Canadian Ttype brackets from the front of the car that will save me 60lbs. I read on a thread from years ago that u got them. Thanx
    still trying to prove how smart you are.. Sure, you can probably run 10.7 AFR on E85 at idle or cruise control... But in case you forgot, this discussion, and nearly all interest is in performance at full throttle...Or else no one in the buick world would be interested in E85, Sorry, but the main interest is going down the track ...
    are we going to name calling ? I have been reading and looking for good information here on TB for many years, and just got sick and tired of people like you who must spend many hours a day typing misinformation and down right BULL****...I wasnt born yesterday,and yes i did study the website about E85 you recommended, and it says exactly what I said...You obviously have knowledge about TURBOBUICKS and i enjoy reading some of it,,,but i think you really should take time to re-read what you are saying about fuel ratios..It is not rocket science..Highway cruising and full throttle are totally different, and i know you know that.. If you dont like someone calling you down on it, sorry ,but you were wrong...If this really pisses you off ,call me 8178252031
    Hey Bro, I am curious about your findings after shelving the I/C. (with e-85) Eric didnt seem to like the idea all that much but i would bet cyl. temps to be same if not better,depending on your I/C's ability... Does it spool noticably quicker? and did eric make any changes knowing you had removed I/C? thanks. Brian in DE.
    How much weight do u think this will save me. Everything in trunk gone,including spare tire,jack, all carpet etc. Pretty much bare metal in trunk. And all insulation under back seat and carpet and b pillars. Document no of Nething I can do to save weight that's free. Idc if whatever I remove if gotta be permanent as long as u can't tell by looking at the car. I might take the pass seat and back Seats out for the track too
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