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Jul 7, 2007
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Sep 21, 2017 at 10:24 PM
    1. GNVYUS 1
      GNVYUS 1
      Ha, I've never used the visitor message before, so hopefully this works.

      You don't an intercooler if you run E85 and Alky. I run 25psi and 25 degrees of timing without issue, that's plenty for me.

      The turbo will wake up big time, I have a post about it in the E85 section and it's crazy how much the car woke up. I had to turn out the boost controller completely after turning out the adjustable wastegate rod and the boost controller a ton, I was baffled.

      Eric eventually trimmed out 30% in my 80lb injectors for me, I run 32gph of Meth (2gph preturbo) so the car needs to run no leaner than 10.2 after doing some crude calculations. Before the year ended I had the car at 10.2 in 3rd at 25psi and 25 degrees, I'll add 5% in 3rd and probably trim out 5 or 10% in 1st and call it a day.

      I can easily run the TA49 to 32psi and probably still pick up MPH, but I've had a hell of time the last 5 years with this car so I'll work on driving it more in 2011 and keep from wrenching on it.

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    87 camino.w/87 GN-109 motor,trans,rear,dash, Balanced crank and rods,TRW 30 over,studded/ported irons+intake,BulletCams212/212 w / HS 1.65's-495 total lift, Cometics,GT6265, 60#motrons, SteveMon.62MM .TTchip,Razor alky, J-Racing044 external,stretch.ft.mount,f/body rad,single 3"down and out,no kitty,CK Billet Protrans,PTC 9.5N/L ,FireCore wires,Autolite144 ,Poly mounts, ,PLX-W/band, air bags,M/T 275/60/15, DR,VR-1 20/50+zddp.1320@128,