Anybody know status of Carrtunz?


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I'm wanting to buy the replacement speakers for concert sound and I can't get ahold of them. Maybe on vacation as I've only been trying this week. But their store says they aren't taking orders so I didn't know if they are still operating. Anybody have other recommendations for replacements for stock speakers that fit in the opening and operate w/original 10 ohm system?

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What a complete shitshow!!
Have you tried calling? Not trying to be a dick. I looked at their website a while back & it said something similar. You also may try to get a hold of them VIA FB.

I called, left a message & Gary called me back to place the order. Believe they weren’t doing interweb orders due to credit card scam issues.


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Hmmm...may try that. The v/m specifically said not to leave a message as they don't check that, but to try again. It's a new week; maybe they were just on vacation. On FB I can't see any way to message them, but admittedly, I'm pretty f/b illiterate. I do send messages to other people, but his page didn't have a tab that allowed that.


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Just got ahold of them; they were out most of last week. Unfortunately they don't have current stock of the speakers, but they hope to have w/in a few weeks.


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Thanks guys, I’m working hard to get inventory.
Also, I’m working on better made speaker mounting adapters.