2019 SCCA Solo Nationals


Short Guy
So, I managed to get signed up. They had major computer server problems this year, but I got in. The first week of September I'll be in Lincoln, Nebraska with 1300 of my closest friends, racing at an airport converted into a very large parking lot.

Of 23 in my class and 1300 at the event, I'm the only Buick.


I made it to the Optima thing last year, which was cool. But this is an entirely different level. This is the largest motorposrts event in the world in terms of participants. Optima pits cars against each other with a healthy dose of reality TV and sponsor money. This event is 100% driver. It's run with the rigor of the Olympics. They audit every cone six times per heat. They're individually numbered!

The entire class (CAM-T) is either Fox Body Mustangs or Camaros of various vintages, except for me. And a Vega. And a Falcon Wagon. But I'm still the only non-Ford/Chevy in the class, and I'm the only Buick in the entire event.

So stay tuned. If I remember correctly, the last time a Buick V6 powered car showed up at Nats was 1991, and it was a 1989 Turbo Trans Am, and it won F-Stock. That's not going to happen this year. I'm not going to win. Just being not DFL is going to be a feat.

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