Running into problem after changing shifter cable

Hi all. Looking for some guidance. I just replaced my shifter cable purchased from Kirbans. The cable I took out looked slightly shorter. I was concerned but I put the new cable in anyway. I went through all the gears and back to park but it won’t go to park on the selector. Same thing when it’s in low. I shift to second and the selector doesn’t shift. The selector doesn’t shift into second until the shifter is in the drive position. On my selector on the tranni it is slotted. Looking at pictures on this forum and also googled “Grand National tranni linkage” the selector is not slotted. Am I correct saying the selector is wrong on my tranni? If i’m wrong what am I missing? Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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did your old cable work with what ever control lever you have now?
not sure what you mean by slotted and that oe isnt slotted but the oe trans control lever has a rectangular slot for the cable pin assembly which bolts together through the slot and has some adjustment in that slot because the cable is not adjustable
Original shifter and I’m assuming original shifter cable. Not the original tranni. Took out the new cable and measured. Same length. Put the new shifter cable back in. Made sure the shifter was all the way back, a little play, not much. Put the tranni in the park position and tightened the cable pin assembly. Seems to be shifting into park. A little sloppy going from low to second but definitely shifting into park every time. Thank you for everyone’s help!


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what about the linkage coming from the engine bay to the linkage the spring and washer there ?also there is a bolt that holds the adjuster slide rod in place .loosen it and see if you can go thru all your gears smoothly.if you can then put it in park and make sure that lever is all the way up tighten the bolt.