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  • Jay

    My antivirus keeps alerting here. It shows a blocked threat ebaaa.xyz shows it is a URL:Blacklist

    seems to be site wide

    Thanks, sometimes ads slip through Google's filtering policy but not very often. Ill see if I can blacklist that ad.
    JayC, This is Roy "Boost" Garcia, is there a way I can change from Black-White-Gray color on Turbo Buick portal to White backround and black letters like we used to do years ago ?
    Hi, sorry for the late response. At this time this is the only skin available. Hopefully in the not too distant future I can get another one done that closer to the old layout.
    I am have trouble searching the turbobuick site. I get the following error message "The search could not be completed. Please try again later." is it something i am doing wrong
    mr jayc, ive texted back and forth with ty and hes in colorado springs maybe. I was wandering if you had time to find out what happen to my access to t6p. I have been a good boy and go under the exact same screen name as i do here. I havent even had the chance to insult anyone yet. I would say "in your spare time" but when my boss says this my eyes start to roll. Whenever u can mister. take care
    You into black magic, sorcery, or the occult?
    My posts were stopped at # 7777, & for
    some reason I can't post anymore? Mysterious, huh?
    Jay, sorry to bother you with stupid crap.. I am changing my internet provider, and I am having problems finding how to change my email address on my account. Also, my password.. I forgot my password and just stayed logged in, now with the new address, I am screwed, Any suggestions? Thanks
    Hi Jay,
    It's been years since I have posted on the BB.
    Job has kept me from even thinking about the cars.
    In any event I have decided to sell my race car either as a roller, turn key or parts. I'm back in FL ...Car is still at DLS in Indiana.
    I see the BB no longer has a place for posting Cars for Sale. Can you help me spread the word?
    Email trxjoe@comcast.net...
    Hey JayC, just wondering if you know where I can get a hold of the 87 GN manual ISO/CD? I've been trying to get info on it from Jeremy but he's inactive. Thanks man
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