late 2-3 shift after filter change


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I had a 200r4 transmission gasket leak. I put on a new filter when I had the pan off. I'm now having a late 2-3 gear shift. I believe I have debris in the TV body. If I accelerate (more than I should have to), it will shift from 2-3. I already re-adjusted the TV cable, tried stomping the gas at around 25 mph, and disconnected the TV and pull it all the way (many times) to increase pressure to maybe flush out debris. I am now at the point where I believe the Valve body needs to be removed to be cleaned out.

1. Anything else I can try before I take this step?
2. If I take the valve body out, I don't know yet what I am looking for or where to clean. The debris can be tiny/microscopic. Anyone experienced with this?

Thanks in advance.