Pigeon beneath my hood


Over the past year I have replaced my downpipe and turbo. Stock to a Ta49 and 3" thdp...
Problem is I have an odd noise when slowly releasing the throttle from a moderate or hard boost that was. not present before these changes... A quick let off and I get the normal "horse sneeze " that we are very familiar with... When it is slowly backed off I get what my brother compared to "pigeon cooing".
Seems to do better in cooler weather than over the summer for some reason. I have a stock intercooler and have the boost set at 17psi.
My ScanMaster numbers look good and showing zero retard on any launch. Motor is stock with the normal bolt on upgrades. Have no performance issues ,just the pigeons and me..
Any suggestions are appreciated


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Maybe a video with sound on a ride along will help?
Perhaps my brothers metaphor doesn't help..lol
Will take her out tomorrow and record what I'm hearing. . Maybe that will help.