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From what it looks like the hardest part is removing the dash to remove the factory duct work and installing the vintage air ductwork

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Nick Micale

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This is Vintage Air unit NO.5 that has been installed in a G Body car, and what Brent said about the dash is true, but not really hard, just tedious to remove it, and all the factory AC ducts and supporting parts.

We assemble the VA Gen IV unit with the needed hoses and fittings along with the custom firewall plate and modified VA support plate. The electric controls are plug-and-play as vacuum is NOT used.

The bulkhead fitting in the firewall plate allows each owner to do the under hood plumbing and compressor to their own liking.

Maybe the LSA would fit with the factory AC, but I would not have done this project without also doing the Vintage Air kit as it really brings this GN package into the 21st Century! :)


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Update: Frame notch complete for compressor. Engine and Nick's Vintage Air A/C are in.
Nick has been cranking on this project.



Make sure you get that passenger side rim straightened out!


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They are only temp wheels so I could get the correct backspacing. Simmons wheels are going on it when she gets back home later this summer


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Seen this ride today in person when I dropped of my GN. This thing looks like a MONSTER just sitting there with the hood open. Crazy to see! Aweome build for sure!:)

Nick Micale

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Lots of stuff going on, but the progress is in many details, wiring, plumbing and fabricating parts to fit and various mounting brackets.

Almost a week was spent installing the Dakota Digital dash and the wiring for it.

Lonnie is shipping the 4L80-e this week so we will be installing the drivetrain when it arrives.

At that time we will have more pics of our progress to post.

This project with updates will also be featured here:

Nick Micale

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David, I guess the "Bump" was your polite way to get a progress report? :)

The 4L80-E arrive from Lonnie this week and it is bolted in the car, but now many items like a driveshaft, shift linkage, dipstick tube and other things needed to make it compatible with a GN!

The aftermarket crossmember did go right in place with no fussing.

We do need to change the shaft for the shifter in the 4L60-E so we can mount the electronic module there like the newer vehicles have for neutral safety and whatever else this electronic box does?

Good thing I have a excellent LS friend or 2 that knows these engines well to overcome these major differences of 30 year newer technology! :happy:

The Vintage Air AC system install is almost complete, and again many other areas require little items that need to be custom made or modified to fit like power steering lines and reservoir, vacuum for the brakes and other places, and of course the never-ending wiring.

Hopefully we see this all coming together very nicely, and should have ironed many more details so we can start it in a couple week.


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Some good progress from Nick this week.
Looking like some minor transmission wiring and linkage is all that is left. He is hoping to start it this week.
Here are some pics of the progress.





Nick Micale

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It was extremely satisfying today to hear the LS-A roar to life! :)

One touch of the key and it was running, and immediately oil pressure was at 60 psi..

This has been a very interesting "journey" for us to complete this milestone undertaking since it was our first experience with a LS engine and the 4L80-E transmission, and a complete Vintage AC system was also installed.

Many custom parts had to be fabricated, and others modified like the shifter cable/linkage as the owner wanted to retain the stock shifter and not modify the console. The trans also required lots fabrication as well as wiring for it's own computer.

Custom headers and a turbo installation is next, so this will be a very unique GN, and also the final tune will be for e-85.

I cannot thank my local help enough for their assistance and input and especially Lyle, Pitch Black on the board, as he is an excellent fabricator and did the wiring as well.

We did not have a completion deadline to meet, but to do this much when covering new ground for us in less than 3 months is an excellent achievement in my opinion.

The owner, Todd, has been the best owner I have ever had the privilege to work for especially with such a new and extensive project. :D


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I would love to do a boosted LS swap on a buick.

I love the LSA motor as well. Just did a cam, pulley, valvetrain, ID850 etc swap myself this summer doing 605rwhp/617tq through auto and stock heads/blower. Def think it would have been higher but it was hot on the dyno and these motors don't like intake temps higher than 140.

Are you going to keep the blower/heads/snout/cam stock? I would have went with a Brian Tookey Stage 3 cam if I didn't stick with the stock stall.

Good luck!