Let's do it! Pizza cruise SATURDAY 9-26-15.

rafael vasquez

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lets do our first pizza cruise this year, we'll meet in long beach Saturday at 9:00 am hang out there till 10ish
Then cruise down PCH make a couple of stops for pictures then end up in Santa Ana Round Table Pizza
There's a lot of parking and seating for 200 people we have a party room reserved all for us
Family friendly so bring your kids wife's and all.

Hope to see you all there!!

Can some please put the address and directions
To the long beach meet area??

Round Table Pizza
2860s Bristol st
Santa Ana Ca, 92704

Rafael Vasquez
714 457-6839
Can text me..

Gary Wells

White turbo Buick trailer park trash
I'm definitely in.
What long Beach location are you speaking of?
If you mean Hilltop Park in Signal Hill don't think that it will be big enough?


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I'll see if I can make my out way there and attend.

Sounds fun........
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Fiberglass bumper filler dude. (949) 433-1257
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I'm there. Also been spreading the word.:)

I'll bring my Gopro.

Reggie West

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I'm in but I'll meet you in Santa Ana. I think I know of a couple more that will make it.

I'll spread the word


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I really need to change my sunday/monday off to friday/saturday. I miss everything!

Plus with chicken head there, things are much more interesting...

johnny cash

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I hardly see GN at supercar sunday.will be.nice if alot of.GN rolll.threw its on.sunday in 818.valley ...if.not im.gonns be the only GN an there also lots of.ferrari ,,,lambos etc...yalll GN comew.outtt...of u need.info.hit.me.up

dank GN

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Hopefully I'll be able to make it with my car . I haven't been able to make it to a event for awhile due to the car down or work . This sat. I should have her going . Went from this image.jpg to almost done image.jpg


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Lil truck i found my t type I had sold 9 years ago and bought it back thanks to Gilbert and gran beto for helping me find it....


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Fiberglass bumper filler dude. (949) 433-1257
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Ten days until the cruise.:)
Ralph, Where exactly are we going to meet in Long Beach?
Tell us and we'll post up a map.