I have a story you will never believe


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I googled the obituary. It has a link for guestbook and sending Flowers.


Geno, I really hope this don't come off as distasteful with this request, I mean it only to honor Mike. If the opportunity presents itself, would you be able to take/post some pictures of that procession? I think it would be very symbolic of his story.
That will be his sons call not mine...He will read this sometime and respond..


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Well after thinking about it i needed to post at least one shot from Mikes Celebration of life today. I put a rose under all the Buicks windshield wipers to show our love. Mike also MADE me leave black marks on the street as i left.He is still getting me in trouble...


I was at the services at the request of Geno and GNNorthwest and Id have to say that this man was a great human being. I wished I would have met the man I heard so many stories about. RIP Mike.
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Sad story and terribly sorry to hear this. I watched the video from the services and it was touching. Also, I watched the second half of the Black Air movie last night. Did I see a picture of Mike in that movie?

God bless you Mike.

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Sad story and terribly sorry to hear this. I watched the video from the services and it was touching. Also, I watched the second half of the Black Air movie last night. Did I see a picture of Mike in that movie?

God bless you Mike.

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Mike is in the Black Air video. If you count the still photos at the end, he's the 10th one. Proud to say I played a small part in his GN's restoration. Gave him the wheels. Made his so happy, he couldn't stop thanking me...what a great guy!

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Thank you very much for posting these pictures.

All of you guys that took action to help Mike should be very proud, and is a testament to your own character as well as Mike's. As I have mentioned before, this story has caused me to really look at how I interact with people. I realized I had become way too hardened by cynicism, and I am ashamed to say I would like have never considered providing the level of help you guys gave to a complete stranger. You all acted without hesitation, and are truly co-authors of this story.

It goes without saying that I don't think this had the ending anyone would have preferred, but you guys helped a good man attain a dream without expecting a return, and not knowing where this all would lead some 5+ years later. You took time out of your lives to make a difference in someone else's. While I am saddened that someone like Mike is no longer in the world, I am very much inspired that folks like you still are. I am grateful just to have read this thread.

I know you are grieving, and this may seem out of place, to all those that helped Mike over the years, thank you for being yourselves.


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Hi Geno,

I got on facebook and tried to post to Ms. Rocha's page, however, her settings must be private as I could only post on someone else's thread. So I sent her basically the same thought in an instant message and she responded very quickly. She is a very nice person and she was very thankful for the thoughts. Therefore I would encourage everyone to drop her a line as well to show our support!

She seemed sort happy to hear that we (I say we, turbobuick, really) were following up with her. And she knew exactly what I was talking about (turbobuick forum) and she shared with me that she was sitting with Mike when he wrote his last post on here as well. She asked for the thread, so I gave it to her and between IM's she even went and read everyone's final comments. She really seemed moved and I don't know, but, just having that little conversation with her felt rewarding somehow, can't quite explain it any better than that.

I sent you a personal message (on the forum here as well Geno) telling you about how she expressed an interest in being added to the website. And I'm not quite sure why, however, it felt sort of inappropriate to suggest that she could sign up via the website. And you may or may not feel it appropriate to have an admin set her up, however, it felt right for me to ask. And that is all that I can do, is ask if someone wouldn't mind setting her up an account if for no other reason than out of respect for Mike. Again my apologies if I have offended anyone by asking, however, it just felt like the thing to do at the time!

I do hope that we can get a few more folks to follow up with her and check on her as well. IN that, I am sure that there are quite a few subscribed to this thread alone! And even if we were the only ones to contact her, then I am sure that she would appreciate it greatly! Ms. Rocha is a wonderful lady and she has just lost a great man (a man whom we would all be glad to call a friend). Folks, I knew Mike through his story and this website. And while I did not know Mike personally, however, it certainly made me feel good to hopefully lift the spirits of the one that he loved. So I would strongly encourage everyone else to drop her a line and let her know that Mike's spirit lives on!


Sorry to say but that business i gone but if anybody local wants to attend his celebration of life this Saturday here is the address. A small group of GN,s will be attending with Mikes GN in front. I asked if i could have some of Mikes ashes to pack in my para chute. Me and Mike may have even talked about it at one time.. I would be cool if people the use Facebook wrote on his girlfriends wall letting her know people care that she has never meet.https://www.facebook.com/shelley.rocha.7?fref=pb&hc_location=profile_browser
Please join us as we celebrate Mike Marthaller Sr

Saturday March 12th

Service starts at 10 am

North Shore Church
5700 23rd Dr W, Everett, WA 98203

After the service there will be a potluck style lunch.
Please bring a dish and a memory to share.


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I may have missed the post that the where you send a donation to info was and it is way to much to read again. Besides, it'll just make me sad again. If you can re-post the info i will gladly send a donation.

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