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Mar 8, 2009
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Woodridge, IL
roof estimator/project manager

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Not so Senior Member, from Woodridge, IL

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    1. john turbo
      john turbo
      he you still have any performance parts or the friend that you know wat does he have? let me know 708-699-8567
      1. Rafs-T-Type
        Um, I don't believe I claimed to have any but I have a 3" air intake, bilstein shocks, and a .85 housing for a 6265 turbo, O and a torque strap.
        Sep 27, 2012
    2. Eddy J
      Eddy J
      Hey I live in Brookfield and im looking for parts as well as any advice on what to get for my car
      1. Rafs-T-Type
        I have a couple parts that may be useful, but not much really. I have a buddy who knows these cars inside and out with a bunch of parts..He may be able to help you out
        Feb 20, 2012
    3. c n avoid87
      c n avoid87
      Dude ur box is full
    4. blackmonte
      yeah pretty much stock, I was looking at doing a stage motor , but really not needed $$$$ for what I want, just trying to get a motor together so when I blow this one hehe. How is your car running?
    5. RegalLS

      The car you have in as your Avatar.. Is that your's? I would like to see some pictures of it if you don't mind. I have been wanting to paint my car 2-tone similar to that and its the first I have seen painted this way.

    6. GN owner
      GN owner
      Do you have the Intercooler badges also? I am interested in the badges. How much do you want for it?

      GN owner
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    Woodridge, IL
    roof estimator/project manager


    86 t-type roller cam, 6265BB w/ .63, ESP front mount, PTC NL converter,eagle crank, je pistons .020 over, 120# inj, ported champion heads,magnafuel external pump, modified stock computer, scanmaster, t-pro, powerlogger, E-85 etc etc
    most work done by Turboburick