Hydroboost Help!


It's leaking all over my floor board and faster than i can put PS fluid in it. I can't find this part anywhere. NAPA, Advanced Auto, Auto Zone, Car Quest all said they don't have it and can't get it. I guess I'm supposed to junk the car because its leaking PS fluid. Any help would be appreciated.


yes the booster is leaking at the firewall, half running down the firewall on the ground the other half leaking in to the driver floor board. Thanks. I'll look at Rock Auto.


Looks like they have it listed. Ill have to call tomorrow and verify its in stock. All the other parts stores list it as well but require you to call for availability. Its the 84/85 hydraulic brake booster(Hydroboost)


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I ordered mine from summit on Thursday morning and it came friday afternoon fedex from Ohio.


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Just picked up a spare last week from autozone

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Texas, Where are you from
There is a place that sells a kit with all the seals(there aren't too many) to overhaul the hydroboost unit . I'll see if I can find the link. Google is your friend.

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85 GN man

I had the same problem last fall. constantly putting in ps fluid. hydroboost was leaking inside car @ firewall.
Bought and installed and reman'd unit only for it not to work. then I ordered a rebuild kit and figured I would try to rebuild the original
reinstalled that and had no leak but had no brake assist either....:banghead::punch:. After all that BS I ordered a new unit from hydratect and finally
got it installed, pretty good at it by this time. New hydratech unit works great and great customer service.
I spent more time and effort and should have dropped the 500 bucks for the new unit upfront and been done with it.

That's my experience