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hey guys, i blew a head gasket on the track and decided to replace both. any advice on what gasket to use? and since i'm not capable of doing it myself, about what should i have to pay for this job done correctly?


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1st without a doubt take the car to someone around you that knows these cars.2nd,the better holding gaskets are the mls steel (cometics),rjc steel (1 layer).the cometics need the block decked and heads milled flat to work,the rjc does not.3rd,graphite gaskets they hold well and dont need perfect surfaces to work.now onto one of the most important things to consider,if you use the steel gasket you are moving all potential damage down into the piston area and have the potential to torch the deck and head.the graphite gasket usually will just come apart/blow as it is weaker than the hard parts.just giving you the facts,its a personal choice to which set up you would use based on how you use the car.price is based on where you live and who is working on the car.


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Your not just talking headgasket . There's more to it heads shaved ,oil pan cleaned,engine cleanup from antifreeze. Expect at least $1,200 if done correct.


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Cottons Performance is in Agawam,MA just saying.

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2nd vote for stock gm gaskets. They've held in 25psi for a long time on my car. Consider them a fuseable link.

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If it’s a stock motor I would consider Doing the timing chain as the plastic teeth of the stock timing set end up breaking and end up in the pan . Also I would just pull the motor to do the job . It might seem like its a lot but I can tell you from experience it wil be a lot easier to work on on a stand .

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If it was stock gaskets, the motor needs to come out and gone through and cleaned. That gasket gets everywhere and needs to get cleaned out.