Chrome water cooled up-pipe


Found this in a box of stuff I got in a package deal. Supposed to cool the intake by circulating water through hoses and fittings. Don't know how you'd circulate the water. Anybody wants this it's yours, no cost, just pay the shipping. Think it weighs 3-4 lbs. PM me your zip and I'll figure shipping. Mine is 97223, Portland OR area.


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I was going to do something like that waaay back using a CO2 bottle to chill the pipe or a windshield washer pump in an ice bath....quit when I put Jay Carters first alky kit item.


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A friend had an '86 GN back in '91, said he use to chill his intake air with ice cubes to help run in the 12s. I'll bet he used one of these pipes.

Who use to sell these chiller up pipes back in the old days?


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Simple 12v bilge pump came with that one. One of mine came from Bowling Green Customs and I purchased that one from a guy at the Nats.


Yeah Bowling Green and Kenne Bell had a version. I could be mistaken but I remember the windshield washer fluid pump being an option.

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