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Dec 14, 2017 at 10:54 PM
Mar 5, 2009
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Dennis Kirban

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Dennis Kirban was last seen:
Dec 14, 2017 at 10:54 PM
    1. Remember '87
      Remember '87
      Am looking for GNX owner of vin# ending 44806 . I unearthed some pictures from a Buick Motorsports event at Key Buick Springfield PA in mid '87 . I knew these were unique cars at the time but had no idea how few were made. Thks.
    2. NEL45
    3. David Bliss
      David Bliss
      Hey Dennis! Dave the hotel guy up in MA here! I was doing some cleaning out and found my Buick diecasts I never unpacked after a move. These are for sale now and some Molly signatures as well. See my post under the Diecast section. If your interested make me an offer. Thx! Dave (BTW, my cell is 774-573-6376 if you prefer to call.)
    4. dragrazor
    5. chopped39
      I just wondering I sent two power master cores a while back and never recieved any credits. They came from steve ellsworth 906 krage dr addison il 60101. Just wondering Thanks steve and dawn.
    6. grkgn
      Are you selling you white T if so let me know thanks
    7. gnx 000
      gnx 000
      Hi, please contact me about this car i want to see it and buy it.I have the 7k mile one on this sit,and i have a GNX.I really know these cars as i know you do.Call me (718)300-3977,Eddie
    8. hurstbuick
      Hi Dennis Steve Hurst here Hope all is well on your end business good fot you. Did you get my Flyer and info for the Car Show Can you believe 20plus years of puttting these events on!! Dennis hope you can help us with ever more raffle stuff. I want take the time you thank you for all your help and support over all these years. Again Dennis Thank you Steve
    9. Boostdeznuts
      Dennis I have 4 set I could sell for 4 of those letters.

    10. Anarchy
      hey kirban got my gnx louvers today. they look great, thanks alot man..
    11. drturbo69
      Do you buy power master cores
    12. shelby chris
      shelby chris
      Dennis.....i am actively in the market for an 87 t type limited....i want an original, low mile you know of any out there?..thanks chris in ohio 740-448-1070
    13. IMQUIK
      Where the decals on the hood insulator painted on or screened on? They look like they were painted.
    14. blacknfast
      I am changing out the headliner in my 87 gn astroroof car, and need to remove the slider piece and replace the liner material.
      How do I remove the slider piece for access?
      Do I need to change out the seals, it does not leak
      Are there two seals or just one?
      The piece/rubber seal at the top of the roof when closed is sun baked and needs replaced, do you have this part?

      I purchased my headliner form Gbodyparts so I have every thing except directions.

      Thank you,
    15. CarCrazed
      Hi Dennis,

      Nobody Knows GN / T-Types Like You Do.....

      I'm New To The T-Types So I Don't Know Who To Ask....

      So I Have A Quick Question, If You Don't Mind?

      I Recently Bought An '86 T-Type (Dark Red Metallic) w/ The Black Out Trim.
      The Car Currently Has A Set Of GN Wheels On It,
      But I Bought The "Original Wheels" From The Owner (Owner Thinks They Are).

      The "Original Wheels" I Bought Have Black Inserts Instead Of Gray That I See On Many '86 & '87's.

      My Question Is Are These In Fact The Original Wheels For My Car, Or Are They From An Earlier GN?

      Any Help Would Be Appreciated,

      Thanks In Advance,
      Brian Canty
    16. TurboBuick86
      hello... still have the stock shifter for grabs? Can you plz provide me with some pics. My stock one is bent where the cable goes and always gives me issues! Thanks
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