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We'er not going anywhere, take your time. I wish you the best in this tough time. It's not even imaginable. So very sorry.

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Prayers sent to your family.
This almost happened to me as well.
My wife had a reaction to a med they gave her.
When you can update us with how you and your wife are doing.
Please watch out for post pardum depression!

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Truly sorry for your loss. May the good Lord comfort you and your family during this hard times. Prayers sent. As said before one day at a time


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I wept when I read your post and am still weeping. This is NOT God's end for your son. My father says that the memory of the righteous is a blessing. Don't forget all the fun times you had with your wife and daughter preparing for him and dreaming for him. Planning for him and loving him. Those memories can never be taken away.
Know too that the Good Lord, the Creator, also lost a son and knows how you feel. Seek Him and the others on this board that have gone through something similiar. We were not made to bear this burden by ourselves.
Your wife and daughter need you to be strong and they will be looking to you for support, strength and love.
You and your family will be in our prayers and you have our deepest condolences. You can PM me if you ever wish to talk, weep or even just yell.


I'm so sorry for you and your family. I can't imagine the pain your feeling, please take care of your wife and family.


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GNICETRY said it! Our family will pray that the Lord will lift you up and hold you. May the Lord Jesus shower you with love and mercy.

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nothing I can say can be enough, My heart hurts for you and your family man and I mean that from the very bottom of my soul ! God bless you and yours. He is in good hands and you will see him again one day.
PS I know that was an impossible decission to donate but God bless you, I am sure there will be other familys that can never thank you enough for helping their child like that


What do you say to someone at a time like this?
Take your time.
It sounds like God had other plans for your little guy.

The kid has it right ! There is a plan for everything.

My wife had a miscarriage with our first child. It was very tough. I realized that it was not time for our son some several years later after we had our first child. What an incredible joy he was and still is. We talked about having another and I was so scared to be unfair to another child, as I thought I could not love another as much as I loved my first son. That fear was soon put to rest after our second son was born. Wow, what a joy he was and still is today also. I found the love for another child like it was nothing.

It is easy for me to explain that there's a reason for your current loss, and I am sure that you and your wife can't reason it right now. I have faith to believe that you will one day understand why this happened. It may be that you have a son a year or two from now that will amaze the world somehow. It may be that you have another daughter that will bring not only cheer to you and you wife, but be the perfect little sister for your other daughter. Whatever the reason is, you will realize it some day.

I wish you and your family peace through this tough time in life. Your choice to allow him to be an organ donor was a tough choice, I am sure. Maybe you will find comfort with knowledge that your decision to help so many other lives. My oldest will be 17 this month. My wife and I had a talk with him when he was getting his drivers license, as it asks if you want to be an organ donor. This guy had no hesitation, he said "heck yes, they won't do me any good any more". Wow, for a 16 year old to understand and want to help others in so many ways. Both of my sons are incredible and I know why we were delayed in having children. There is a reason why you are delayed now.


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Prayers sent for strength, comfort, and peace. I pray that you will lean on the Father who knows your pain and heart and draw closer to Him. Please make sure you have support and encouragement you need. I can not begin to fathom with what you and your family are dealing with. You are to be commended for the decision on organ donation so that life is given to others. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.


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We will be praying for you and your family.

My wife and I lost triplets at 22 weeks. She took an infection.... and went into labor..... they were sick.... too little..... 2 boys and a girl...... the girl died within a couple hours of delivery.... the two boys made it about 12 hours or so.... really can't remember.....

Just remember..... God wouln't put you through it if you weren't strong enough to bear it...... he has a plan.

Again.... or thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


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Fellas, thanks for the kind words. I am grateful for all who have looked out for us during this time. I'm slowly getting back into the groove of things. As of now we still don't have any answers as to why this happened. Hopefully soon we will know what the autopsy says. Either way it's still not easy to lose a child. It's been even harder I think on my wife since she carried him. We will not be having a funeral or a memorial service. But we are looking into some way of doing something good in his honor.