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I..... I.... I dont know what to say. :( My Condolences, I am so sorry for your loss. Godspeed to your Baby Boy.

Be Strong.



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im so sorry......sorry isnt good enough, but know your Buick brothers are here for you. God Bless You and your Wife.....


I can't even imagine how much you are hurting now.
I will pray for you and your family.


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I can only imagine how tough this is for you and your family. My wife is a new born ICU RN and unfortunately I hear too many stories like yours. Some things make no sense.


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Lost both our granddaughters, 3 years apart. The pain is almost unbearable.

Family - Keep family around you and esp your wife when she comes home. Like most women she will blame herself - Don't let her, keep her close and if possible keep yourselves busy. Don't feel guilty about doing things that take your mind off the loss of your son because it helps and you have a daughter to love too.

My stepgrandson who is 8yo wrote this poem recently, his twin sisters were born on Valentines day

Once upon a time there was a rose. It only blooms in February. It is a rainbow rose. One day it grew in my garden. I took good care of it. It would never die. You can make one wish a day. The best wish was to bring Jaydyn and Jordyn back. A lot of people want it....

So kids think about it more than we might think they do.


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Nothing anyone says will change anything, I have been trying to think of something.. I have been where you are, I know its one of the worst things in the world to deal with and go through.

Like someone has already said, There were other plans for your little man. He's an Angel. He will always be with you where ever you turn.

I know the range of emotions you are feeling..

Hold your little girl tight

I wish you and your family the best, And remember people are here for you

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I'm very sorry for your loss. Can't even begin to imagine what you must be going through. :(
We're here for you.