Sad news might not be on for a while


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Sorry for your loss. I feel your pain, I lost my youngest son last June 4 days before his 37th Bday. stay strong

Otto J

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I am very sorry for your loss, one of my close friends went through something just like this a few years back.
Take it day by day......


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I have been down that path and I believe it has made me a better father,I enjoy every day with my kids.Thoughts with you



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So sorry for your loss!!! The story brought tears to my eyes!! The cycle of life can be so great.. yet so cruel!! My prayers are with you and your family!! God bless!!!


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Very sorry to hear such sad news. Weather you're religious or not, the Chaplain's office may have some help and support system that suits you. Don't know you personally, but I'm a PM away if you need to talk. Prayers to you and yours.


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I am so sorry, I have walked in those shoes myself. If you ever need someone to talk to I am here for you.