Package deals/pricing-timing chain/valve springs


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Vendors should consider (or advertise if they already have) package deals and pricing for parts needed to do a timing chain job or changing valve springs.
I know that most vendors carry most or all of the parts needed to do these jobs. However, it would be easier for consumers to just order "packages" with all the parts needed to complete the job from start to finish. To make these packages more appealing, offer them at a lower price when compared to buying all of the parts separetely.
A lot of people (myself included) have to do one or both of these jobs sometime in the near future. I'd be compelled to buy parts from a vendor who would sell me *everything* needed to do the job, with no further trips to the parts store. In other words, one stop shopping.:D Packages should be as complete as possible, and optional items that one should consider should also be listed. (ie. water pump, or valve spring removal tool)
If any vendors decide to read this and offer such packages, I'd be very interested to hear from you. I'd like to order my parts before the holidays. Thanks!



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If you give me an idea what you think people will want i will set it up a package