New EPA Regs Make Our Cars Illegal?

Darth Fiero

3800 Series II Turbo
Back peddling by the EPA noted.

The EPA and Department of Justice have reached a settlement with Derive Systems, maker of "Bully Dog" and "SCT" tuning software, over the manufacturing of emissions defeat devices found to be in violation of the Clean Air Act. Derive will have to pay a fine of $300,000 on top of spending $6.25 million to bring the company and its tuning products up to standards.

The EPA put other tuning companies on notice in their settlement as well. Susan Bodine, assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance said: “Manufacturers and sellers of automotive emissions control defeat devices should stand up and take notice of this settlement. EPA will protect air quality by vigorously enforcing the Clean Air Act’s prohibition on these devices.”