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I am getting restationed to Bangor WA at the end of May. I was stationed out there for a few years before, but left in 05. I also didn't have a TB when I was there before so know nothing about racing up there. Is there a decent drag strip near Bremerton? I remember signing a petition for one some event in Bremerton back in 04...but that is about all I remember of it!!

Are there get togethers with the local TB owners?
Yep it's alive and well

The PNW guys are quite the independent bunch so they don't do clubs or regular get togethers. Turbo Thunder is the only big event once a year and it's really dwindled in numbers but still a great time. Best thing is to find other TB folks near ya and meet up once a while. Of course come on over to check out GNNW in Everett to see some nice cars, parts and BS with the gang.

I love that area you are at. Has everything I enjoy doing all in one beautiful area: golf, drag racing, offroad dirt bike trails.