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  • Whats up Louis, Wish you were here so we could all cruise to the meet we are having this month, miss hanging out with the old GN at your house and I still give props on your seats you done for me. Still holding out nicely.
    Hope this message goes to the right person, Louis, your last message sounds good. I'll get things off to you on Monday . Thanks again -- Brad
    Hey this is geetee, this site lost our conversation. You sent me the email listed below. You sent me pictures of drip rails. What does that price include. Both the passenger and drivers side.

    $115 shipped and insured and NO paypal fees.
    Paypal = turbo39151@hotmail.com
    I can probably have shipped as soon as this Tuesday as Monday is a holiday.
    thanks again for the advice/guidance. I'm opening a thread on that junker I showed you, figured I might learn a thing or two just from hearing other peoples opinions and hopefully gain some knowledge (ammunition) to throw at future dealers when a car is priced way above its expected value. i'm no longer in the market until i finish up school for any kind of project, just fishin for as much gouge as i can get
    hey do you still have the turbo for sale if you do call me and lets work a deal man. 450 to rebuild it is to high... let me know call me dont contact me on here cuz im only on at work and i get off at 5pm today and i wont be on again till tomorrow. if you got it lets do it.
    hey man wen you get this please give me a call at 6462948865. its me ray. i am tryin to see if you got a good crank shaft sensor and how much. thanks man.
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