killed a pony


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Spanked a fox body mustang over the weekend. Was peddling it the whole time. He stayed behind to talk to the guy with flashing red and blue lights. Someone had a bad night.


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Nice kill!

Doesn't lead dog usually get pulled over? :eek:

You didn't turn around and take your lumps, too? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!:)

Watch out, Karma is a pretty mean kind of a woman.......... fate may have passed you by just this one time... Don't get cocky. Be careful out there.....

I'm old and just saying so. Honestly, I take mine to the limit every time I drive her....... :cool:
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I hate to see a guy get nailed for speed contest. Big problem if you get caught doing that stuff around here. Loose the car, loose the license, loose lots of money.

But on the flip side.......I'm glad you spanked him and got away!

Please be safe.


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Thanks guys. I knew it was a bad place to do it. I should have know not to bite, but he instigated it so I felt obliged to put him in his place. I've been taught all of the tricks from my dad who was a known and respected street racer back in the day. He died 9 years ago and even though it wasn't very responsible of me, I know he would've been proud. Headed to the track this Friday to do it legally.