Scan tool not not reading voltage correctly

Chuck Leeper

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I'd suggest one of Caspers replacement ribbon circuits.
If the ribbon is not damaged, you may be able to clean it up with a soft pencil eraser.


What’s the disadvantages of using this to fix my problem. Or will this nit fix it. All the other lights seems to be working on my cluster .


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Update on the voltage issue. Installed Casper’s harness, the power wire coming from the wastegate . you need to switch wire to pull 12 bvolta up to alternator . Seems to work great.
Thought I had this figured out but looks like I don’t. Added a 4 gauge ground wire and cleaned up some frame grounds.. Drove the car this morning and had normal voltage until the drive home from work and dam back down to 12-10.9 volts. Have three different volt patterns. First one is normal 13,5-14.1 on scan master. Second pattern is low all the time 10.9-12.0 third pattern is low voltage at idle then climbs up as rpm’s increases then goes back down with rpm’s. Where is that ignition module? I have a Casper’s light bulb. Next thing is to change this. Don’t think this is my problem.
Hello, I had the same problem, either replace the fuse that the scanmaster is on or clean up the terminals on your old fuse. Fixed mine !!