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Hey I have 1985 Olds Cutlass Supreme and its powered by the Buick 231 and I want to convert it to turbo. Heres what I have planned so far. Now I've been pondering this for a while now, how to turbo charge a carbed 231 for cheap. Then it hit me when I looked at the cover of the new Car Craft mag. See I could never figure out how to get the boost in there but I got it now. They made a box, shoved a carb in and fed boost into the box. Its a "blow through" induction sytem, I should have thought of it sooner!

Now I can do this by buying a junk yard turbo (get in checked and rebuilt if needed). Then get one of my friends to make me the piping and box (my one friend is a professional welder and is very good and I have another friend thats pretty good at it too). I can get the materials they need with no problem

I would also have to get my engine rebuilt, get the full edlebrock power package for my car so every thing gets everything it needs. The only problem I can think of is getting the turbo connected to the exhaust. Will Grand National headers work for my car. Using a couple dyno programs and entering the correct data on the engine and turbo I will be able to run mid to low 14s at 10psi with a 3.73 posi and 200r4 tranny (all in ready supply from the local junkyards).

I was thinking of rebuilding my engine anyways. Depending on how that went, I might keep the car for my last year of high school (easier on money that way). Then I would defintanly get the edlebrock package, bigger rear, and the 200r4 tranny anyways. The whole turbo thing I'm estimating would cost less than 800 bucks (100 to 200 on turbo, probably another 50 to 100 rebuilding, buy the metal for the piping and box, then headers). I'm pretty familar with turbos and how they work (I did a lot of research because I wanted a import).

The only huge problem I have is getting the exhaust from both side to power the turbo. How did the GN get the exhaust to the turbo and would GN headers work with my engine?

Psyco Diver 69

Yea but that could run a lot hotter than the blow through system. With the box the air has a chance to cool down, which should mean more power.


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Originally posted by Psyco Diver 69
Yea but that could run a lot hotter than the blow through system.

:confused: I'm not sure what the "that" is you're reffering to is. I'm suggesting a blow-thru, just without the box. The box has no cooling effect. It is to equilize pressure inside and outside the carb to prevent fuel from blown out. If you get the right carb, then you don't a box and all of it's problems. Carb boxes old tech bandages.

You might want ot get a book called "Turbochargers" by Hugh MacInnes.