E 85 fuel lines


Wondering if someone can give me some advice on e85 fuel lines on a 87 gn . Im changing over and replace my fuel pump with a walbro 440 . Scott from cotton's told me i need to increase return line size due to the output of this pump. He tells me I need a 6 line. I have a stock fuel rail. Was thinking of using main line for return and run a completely new main line. Can i do this and if so what will i need to connect with stock fuel rail? Or is there a better way to doing this.


If you run new line use a 10 or an 8. Depending on your performance needs.
Also use a Teflon line. Orme brothers is my choice to deal with, Joel is very knowledgeable.


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Using orig feed line as return is OK as long as all is in good shape! Reverse filter or eliminate!! Make sure to confirm all at sender!! Any quality #8 (teflon) line will suffice as the new feed with proper fittings at rail and good fit at sender. A lot depends on how you choose to run the feed line determining the fittings needed................