Do I have .030 over block and pistons?

I bought the car several years back and drove it a while and parked it with the hopes of upgrading with ported heads and having the block bored over.

I finally got back to working on my car and decided to install ported iron heads I purchased here. I purchased all the gaskets and head bolts and when I removed the head I was surprised with this. I tried to look them up with no success.

Do I have .030 over bore pistons. I don’t have inside micrometer to measure.

If so it is a nice surprise.

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Here is one of many threads on the hypers but I think they are mostly talking about them in a 4.1 application. There is good and bad things said about them. I’ve never used them but if they were in my engine I would want to know what potential issues to avoid. In the picture guide they seem to be lacking support in the wrist pin area and that would concern me but it costs a lot of money these days to rebuild a short block and they are in your engine already.

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