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May 26, 2001
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May 12, 1971 (Age: 46)
lagrange, GA

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runs with scissors, Male, 46, from lagrange, GA

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Aug 31, 2017
    1. sparko112
      I'm interested in the 3.5" MAF kit(in Black hoses)if it clears the alternator bolt. If u can ship it to me USPS (standard shipping). That would be great. Even if takes a couple of weeks is fine. Also I wouldn't need the SS/T-bolt clamps because I already have them. You can send the invoice to w-dasilva@live.com/I can check out with paypal. I'm using the LS1 Maf sensor & Translator, Stock IC and up pipe

    2. jlat
      Hello; I saw in a recent post you sell 3.5 MA pipes. If so how much and I'd like to see a pic. of it.
    3. 6cylboost
      he wants extra's
    4. 6cylboost
      bolts 5 and 6 mechanic says. i kinda drop the ball there..
    5. 6cylboost
      do you have any of those double ended studs without buying entire kit? maybe have a pn# for them? 2 different length dbl ended studs
    6. 6cylboost
      Do you sell the double ended bolts for the bottoms sides of timing chain cover?
      1. earlbrown
        They come with my timing cover kit.

        or are you saying you only need those studs?
        Mar 30, 2015
      2. 6cylboost
        yea bill diekmann wants them. says they are hard to find. like a dozen of them. also says one is longer that the other due to crank p/u
        Mar 30, 2015
      3. earlbrown
        It's longer because of the crank sensor and the thicker intercooler brace. The PS only has to hold the thin intercooler bracket and the ALT charge wire.
        Mar 31, 2015
    7. todd n toohey
      todd n toohey
      Hi Earl.....I am the guy that Jeremy started the oil pressure thread.....can you call me at 2692746623 or email ttoohey@comcast.net to talk about a new oil filter adapter and go more in depth on the issue I am having....todd
    8. GNRick
      Hey Earl,
      I will be driving from Illinois to Fla. Tues. (12/16) and would like to know if I could have your phone # in case I have problems. I will be passing thru Atlanta. I see you are 1 hour SW of Atlanta. I will be leaving early tues. so if you could text it to me that would be great. My phone is 217-621-7666. Also is Fred's Turbo Performance still operating in Hahira, GA.? Thanks! Rick Pikowsky.
      1. earlbrown
        Damn Rick. I searched my inbox and the board high and low to find this....

        had no idea it was stashed on my profile page.

        I'm guessing you made it home OK? lol
        Mar 30, 2015
    9. 87 GN WE2
      87 GN WE2
      Hi Earl,

      Do you have any new gm timing covers around?
      1. earlbrown
        I got about 10 staked up between my big screen TV and my Pole Position II arcade game in my living room :)
        Sep 19, 2014
      2. 87 GN WE2
        87 GN WE2
        Lol Thanks
        Sep 19, 2014
    10. TTA976
      Hello Earl,

      I have read your post concerning exhaust with a muffler. Muffler kills the whistle. Lol. I agree

      Is a 3" straight thru system be really loud.? 3" dp - 3" exhaust...

    11. RunninShine231
      I will take black couplers please, I will set up and send to your paypal account as posted. Do you need my address now. Just got to shop I will be able to reply @ lunch time. Thanks again man
    12. Heisenberg
      I have my reasons for not buying that one.
      That signature for one.
      And I'll let it go at that - and avoid the drama
      1. earlbrown
        talking about Clay's turbo? No idea on the sig, I turned off the setting so I don't see signatures.
        Oct 12, 2013
      2. Heisenberg
        Yeah - the sig still has about how Brian burned his car down.
        I would have thought that would be done now that they are building a car for him.
        I consider Brian a friend, and continuing to post that is uneccesary drama.
        Oct 12, 2013
    13. tlap
      Thank you sir
      1. earlbrown
        If the mods seem too much for you, I have a complete ported unit made of all brand new parts in the for sale section.
        Aug 25, 2013
    14. tlap
      1. earlbrown
        Aug 24, 2013
    15. tlap
      Earl, I wanted to thank you for your help with my timing cover seal and timing chain and gears questions. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions for me now that I will be removing my timing cover? Is there anything I can do to improve this stock cover while I have it off?
      Thank you
      1. earlbrown
        Take your filter adapter off the cover and look at the gear pocket. If it's not scored all the hell, do my oiling mods and you'll have the best pressure and fastest ramp up rate you've ever seen.
        Aug 21, 2013
    16. gnbeginer
      Mr Brown - need a lil advise. Guy from the chicago chapter buick club contacted me last week asking if i would b interested in a partial trade with some cash. he wants my motor minus the cam and intake and he is willing to give me a 1987 motor and trans(complete) and 5500.00 and bring it to me. btw motor has 42,000 original. Should I?
    17. BIGJOE
      thanks early i got it off and no the A frame was already undone from the frame i kinda did it ass backware fiannly got it off, has a freind hit that pickle fork with a sledgehammer while i held it, it gave after that. heh thanks for your help by the way, i dont think the bushing have ever been replaced...lol it was on there good
    18. BIGJOE
      yeah the rubber boot has been kinda tore up already...so its gonna need to be replaced but yeah on the spindle...im beating the shit out of it and it wont break loose i dont understand, i might have to a spreader or something...it doesnt wanna give
      1. earlbrown
        Is the a-arm bolted to the car or are you just chasing it around? Normally knocking that joint loose is the first thing you do while everything's rigid.
        Jun 11, 2013
    19. Billy Thomas
      Billy Thomas
      How much is your MAF?
    20. Billy Thomas
      Billy Thomas
      Mr Brown,
      I have a 87 GN.
      I am having a hard time finding a Mass Air Flow Sensor for my car.
      I found one at a local parts store but the car doesnt run right.
      Do you still have this part..
      My car is stock.
      Willit work on my car?
      1. earlbrown
        Billy. I still have this part. Unfortunately you need a translator to upgrade to this MAF.
        I have more bad news... Stock MAF's are specific to our turbocars and the parts house units just don't work right. Most of them won't max out at 255g/sec at WOT and that can mean bad bad news for and engine!
        Let me know if you'd like this MAF.

        Aug 17, 2012
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    May 12, 1971 (Age: 46)
    lagrange, GA


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    '87 GN - 4.2L SFI Turbocharged innercooled V6 - Chrome valve covers - supra pump - 14" K&N - 52mm throttlebody - rocker shaft supports - billet turbo drain - 1/2 intake spacer - TB coolant bypass - 3" ATR exhaust tip - Alum intake pipe - NOS timing cover - chip - relocated charcoal canister - CR42's - front mount trans cooler