Dash problem,spedo cable ,no lockup in OD

turbo chris1970

Engine bay
hey guys this maybe a simple solution
I was replacing lights and put my dash back together and I guess not the right way
First of all it's anolog and I got it back together and took her for a spin and my speed indicator and odometer quit on me so I parked it up right away plus I noticed my trans won't lock up at 45-50mph so I figured without the speedo cable not moving the ECM don't know how fast I'm going so does anyone know if that's why it won't lock up? Doesn't the speedo cable run to the transmission ? I never had this problem til I took the dash apart so anyone out there please some advice thanks

Zach L.

did you make sure speedo cable was clicked in all the way behind dash, if memory serves right these g bodys have a little clip that slides over the cable end once its connected perhaps that came undone? Also make sure the cable didnt get bound up while you were working on the dash

turbo chris1970

Engine bay
Thanks for that bit of info very much appreciated now I know what to look for, one good thing is I'm done driving it for the season so I can take my time and get it right
So I have to look for a clip and take my time
And get it squared away right,I don't mean to be a pest but would that keep the converter
To not lock up? Being I can't tell how fast Ian going so neither can the car


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The speed sensor is mounted on the speedometer. If the speedometer isn't working the converter won't lock. Sounds like you didn't push the speedo cable back into the speedometer far enough.