Bogus E-Mail from Shane Grimsley:

Gary Wells

White turbo Buick trailer park trash
Shane: No screen shot but here's the addy:
This came from you direct, but since then I have received 4 facebook notifications from Jon Walker, Eric Brown, Eighties Rob, & Tim Pidcock. I know Jon Walker from work, but the others are all from Turbobuick. I'm actually afraid to open the others for fear that they also might contain viruses. BTW, when I opened your E-mail the screen lit up with a full page warning from MSN, I believe to not turn off my computer as they already had control of my computer. I immediately shut my computer down & opened it back up & the virus warning did not show up again. If this was not in your E-mail I sincerely apologize, but it popped up immediately upon opening your E-mail.


Staff member
Yeah, it didn't come from me. I am sorry. Pisses me off they use peoples addresses to do this crap. I get them from people that I know wouldn't email me anything, thats how I usually spot the fakes....

Gary Wells

White turbo Buick trailer park trash
Oops, my bad, Shane. Could it have been something that somebody attached to your E-Mail? I knew that it didn't come "from you". but I wanted to warn other people if they received it. I will have Dell go through my computer and see if they can tell me anything about it.