Mar 1, 2005
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December 8
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Gvegas NC
You name it!

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Owner/Admin, Male, from Gvegas NC

Staff Member
    1. chris kirk
      chris kirk
      Hello Shane,
      I don't know why, but I am blocked from this site. Could you please unblock so I am able to use this site.

      Thank you,
      Chris Kirk

    2. H2Ogbodies
      Hello! I'd like info on becoming a site contributor/vendor. I build reproduction harnesses and would like to share some products with members here on the board. Please let me know what you need from me-thanks!
    3. Nero328
      For some reason I can't upload a regular JPEG photo to my thread? I have uploaded maybe 5-6 photos to the site in the past but I get an error message now that says "There was a problem uploading your file"? Is there a limit or a membership fee to upload files?
    4. bpman1234
      hi i have been working on a product that has been long time coming. every time i look at a gn you see the square scanning tool or that alcohol controller or electronic boost controller. there some where wedged or double sided taped to the normal places where every one puts them .
    5. bpman1234
      hi just want to no what my fee would be to sell something on your site i am not a vendor just a do it your self type of guy .please reply thanks.
    6. turbolou
      Shane , I need an address to send you a check !
    7. Rotti54
      Hey bud, I was logged in on my IPhone through tapatalk, and now it is telling me that either my username or password is incorrect or that an administrator has blocked my access. Is there a way for you to help me out with this? My Username is Rotti54 and my Password is rottweiler. At least that is what I believe it to me.
    8. 2QUICK2B6
      cassius is in florida now!
    9. gnpoweredrail
      Shane I have a friend trying to sign up but he is not getting a confirmation e-mail??
      sb2fast or sbgofast.....he tried twice?
      what could he be doing wrong?
    10. Hot Air
      Hot Air
      Shane, would it be possible to create an "Autocross" section under TECH AREA? I have been posting info in the Autocross/Road Racing area of Racing Rules and got scolded by moderator. I can see his point but where do I post now? He suggest the General Area but that is too broad and posts WILL get lost there due to high traffic there. Can you help those of us that like to turn corners?
    11. Sydwyndr
      Hey man. One of our guys shows banned due to spamming. Can you check into it for me?? Its Getchasum from Morganton, and he asked me to look into it.. thx
    12. Nasty Wendy
      Nasty Wendy
      Hey Shane. Long time no see. I posted the story of what happened to my car at GBody parts. I wanted to tell you so that it would be a surprise when you saw it on the site. I didn't do any name calling or bad mouthing. I simply told the story as it happened. I even left out things that would make it harder for Brian to recover from but everything in there is the God's honest truth.
    13. rickeyredz
      hi, i have a 97 buick century, i just put in a battery in, started the car, it was loud boom, and drives like garbage, it idles really hard. ive had someone told to reset my ecu. i was wondering if you know how i reset the ecu? i appreciate for you taking your time to reply.
    14. Black Car
      Black Car
      Have you played with or know anything about the Sig Sauer M400 AR15 rifle.
      I have read & search the AR15 forum and looked at videos on u-tube.
      Haven't seen anyone with bad experience.
      What kind of used AR's do you have and how would they compare to the Sig?
      My cell is 919-270-6978 and I an up till 9:15 PM. I get up at 5AM so I turn in with the chickens.
    15. GKMOZ
      Shane, what has happened to Blown Z ? he ok ?
    16. j-6
      Have you ever thought about having Buick Race in Huntsville Alabama
    17. Hot Air
      Hot Air
      Shane, a guy told me he was interested in sponsoring the E85 Section. I have his phone number. Shoot me an e-mail to and I will give you his phone number so you two can talk.
    18. sweetv6
      yes please change my user name from sweetv6 to pepe le pew

    19. clusolynn
      Hello! I am interested in "Donating" a Stage Right Transbrake Kit (NEW), maybe more than (1) for the Nationals, and possibly a few other parts. Please contact me if you are interested. My number is 386-243-0235, you could call up until 12AM EST, and I'll check my email and PMs. Thanks, John Lynn
    20. 278cikiller
      Shane! I have a feeback on a Exchause system From RJC that i put on a customers car up here trying to help out the Vendors on selling there stuff no responce from the Company. Can you please remove thanks Dan. that will be the last time i do that.
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    December 8
    Home Page:
    Gvegas NC
    You name it!
    TR's and Bass Fishing!


    John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life"

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    1987 T 18K
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