All Time Quickest 109 Stock Block ETs

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Perfect, thank you.

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most classes have an equipment restrictions ,minimum weight and max turbo size and even max tire size
when looking at the rules and the times on this list you have to realize the rules have changed some over the years so an older tsm legal time had a different minimum weight than it does now and other differences between current rules . Xtsm is what tsm has evolved to allowing stage motors and alky and has also lightened the class up ,
outlaw would be a turbo over the class size , under weight for the class , oversize tire or other item that would disqualify it from being in a particular class

TAI is simple make weight and run 93 and alky injection with a 10gal 93 fill up required before race
tsm has changed rules through the years and used to be 109 only , 3400# for irons 3550 # alum heads , 250cube limit, a max of 71mm 3bolt turbo (no 4 bolt) and max 10.5 on slick (no W tire) or 275 on a drag radial and many other no no items to keep them stockish
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When I joined this forum/family over 13 years ago, I never dreamed I would be on this list among some of the turbo Buick legends


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Is there a thread showing what turbos were used when the list was made ?

One of these days I hope to get my car on the list

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