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  • Interested in the stroker send your phone number to my email address.
    john how is it going? It is blazing hot down here in Arizona! How are you doing? Bryan said you have somthing wrong with your eye. Are ya gonna be ok? Deb say's "hi"
    hey john. i have been researching the 200r4 and thought you could help. this is Jim Neuenfeldt, friend of mike with the black mustang and john from the tint shop. i had the turbo silverado and was in on the fairmont and wagon and mustang...

    plan is a turbo 5.3 in an is300. i was planing on a 4l80e but after getting the driveline pulled from the car i see how small the tunnel is so i am considering other options. i wanted the 4l80e just for the strength. the 200r4 has nicer ratios for me. more overdrive is nice.

    so, questions. how much for a tranny that can take what you are doing? how much for a converter? anything you can tell me to keep me on the right track if i do go with a 200r4?

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