OEM Valve covers & Oil Fill Cap


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I've got a few parts that have been following me around for long enough...

Prices are shipped unless otherwise noted. I have PayPal, or postal m/o is fine. Anyone wants everything I'll give you a good deal., just keep shipping in mind...
1. inlet bell $25
2. Dp flange $35
3. 2 egr solenoids $15ea.
4. Iat extension $25
5. Auto trunk latch no harness $35
6. 8" k&n 3.5" $20
7. Stock dp bolts/springs $15
8. Pass v/c breather and tube $25
9. Stock rear plate bracket $15
10. Driver side v/c breather needs paint $15
11. Brass oil block $15
12. Pass side relay bracket $25
13. Rear exhaust hangers $25
14. Egr cover $15
15. Stock oil fill tube $15
16. Stock boost solenoid $15
17. -&+ battery cables $45
18. A/c lines need paint $75 +actual shipping
19. Stock d/p $40 +actual shipping
20. Cool pack and module $75
21. Atr raw aluminium ramblo box only.. some one give me $25 to ship and its yours... Make me an offer on this stuff guys, I'd rather see it get used
Thank you... Mike


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I’ll take 15. Stock oil fill and 16 stock wastegate solenoid and 8. Stock valve cover breather ask. If still available


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Everyone that has paid me, parts have shipped, everyone should get their packages Monday the 6th. PM me if you want tracking #s... Thanks Mike
Dp flange
Relay bracket
Two Vac. blocks
Pass side breather
Stock oil fill tube
Boost solenoid
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