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  • Hi Rick, I just bought my first Turbo T from a friend and it's highly modified. It just started to run rough and I think it's running rich and wants to die sometimes. I'm located in Bartlett IL. and could really use your expertise on my car. Thanks.
    Hey Rick, I was wondering when you might have some time to give my car a little attention. It seems the rpm's are kind of jumping all over the place constantly. It bumps between 750 and 1100 with some serious lurching when it quickly snaps up to 1000-1100 while at idle. I know you said that you wanted to give the intercooler a quick wash out and some other things.
    Thx Rick, oh yeah the pipe will definitely be out the way. Just needed to make sure the pan would make it out. Say use the persuasion and it will. :)
    Hi Rick, wanna replace my pan gasket with the 1/8" RJC. My question is will the oil pan remove easily and clear the crank without taking loose mounts and raising the engine? Short block was done great at machine shop all but the oil pan gasket, oh well. LOL
    Hi Rick. It's been literally YEARS since I have been on the boards, but still have my GN. How about a sticky a the top for wheel backspacing? Seems that's always the question people ask when wanting to buy new wheels. Maybe a listing of popular sizes, with tires sizes and backspacings that clear without nothcing, looking like a roller skate, etc.

    Just a suggestion

    Hi Rick
    Interested in participating in Chicagoland GSCA tech session in Darien on November 13th. You can talk about tuning and perhaps meet some more Turbo Regal nuts

    Loyd Bonecutter
    Hello Rick where about you live in south subs. of chicago? Im a half hr. south of joliet 15 -20 mins from rt.66 raceway.Also is there any chance you can tell me how everyone puts all there car info. so when you post your info shows up thanx in advance.
    Hey Rick, I'm in Chicago and need your help in tuning my 87 GN.....PLEASE email me at ttarps@aol.com to give me your shop location and your availability....When I hear from you I will email you my combination so you will have an idea what you'll be working with....THANKS...your response is much appreciated, Joe
    Hey Rick, Rich Pawlak here. Were going to 41 on sunday and im trying to get a better understanding of the gen II translator my buddy has. He is not very computer savy, but could you give me some basics on the tuning of the car. IE what the terminology means like main scale, v1 out v2 out, spark. You helped him out at 41 about 4 years ago but he has since forgot how to use this thing properly. I read the manual and am confused on what everything means. His car is a 50lb inj 67 turbo , 206 cam,, Im just looking for the basics of tuning for now, not looking to tune each gear or rpm range. If you want me to call you i can. Thanks
    Hey I was wondering if you could tell the right offset for a new set of wheels . I want to buy some Billet Spec. 15*8 back and 15*5 or 7s for the front . I want to use drag radial on the back. No fram notching or rolling just install and go. What offset and tire size . I am running ( I think) have to look 275/50/15 on the rear and 215/60/15 on the front. The main thing is that I order the right back spacing on the rears. Thanks Lance from SC
    HOW TO Forum. I am also a memeber of a Ford Focus forum. I like the way they have the HOW TO section set up. It is very organized. Think we should have ours set up a similar way. * * * * C o m p l e t e ' H o w T o ' A r c h i v e * * * * - Focus Fanatics
    Thanks Rick I like the buicks and am saving up for one I'm amazed at how well they've held their value compared to most other American cars
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