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  • Hi Rick. I was referred to you by Highway Stars and I hope you don't mind me contacting you directly. I own a 1987 Grand National engine is having a lot of problems with surging and sputtering at a cold start as well as a rough idle when warm or cold. I live in Minnesota so do you know of any specialists that work on turbo Buicks? Thank you.

    Rick, do you happen to have a use roller rocker?? Also I might need some more alky sometime next month
    hey there how you been we spoke end of last summer.. i am in romeoville.. i am having issue with powermaster brakes the pedal stays hard pump will turn on intiatally but at start u but will not turn on again i believe it is ppower switch on master cylnder do you know of anyone locally that will hae one of these,,,
    I recently purchased a 87 GN here in Chicagoland and was given your handle/name by Highwaystars and have obviously seen your posts on here. I would like to talk with you and see if you could do some of the work I would like to do or point me in the right direction? Many thanks-
    hi, i have a 97 buick century, i just put in a battery in, started the car, it was loud boom, and drives like garbage, it idles really hard. ive had someone told to reset my ecu. i was wondering if you know how i reset the ecu? i appreciate for you taking your time to reply.
    is there a way to have a new thred started for people in n.c. ?

    there is one for new eng,w.v.,n.eastern, we have a lot of people here in n.c with turbo cars
    im in asheville . thank u larry.
    It's call a conversation now. Click on the persons avatar or name. A window will pop up. Select (Start Conversation) to PM.
    hi rick just wanting to know whats the best windows lap top operating system to buy for the power logger thanks
    Hello Rick, I just bought my 87 GN and it needs some TLC, let me know if would be interested in checking out this pile of junk. Im located by Oak Lawn, let me know when is a good time to get in contact with you.
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