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    NOS cam sensor/parts/caps

    Any caps still available?
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    WTB SD2 Chip

    Pm sent
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    WTB SD2 Chip

    Looking for a used SD 2 chip
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    crankcase vacuum pumps

    That’s a good one!
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    crankcase vacuum pumps

    If enough thought is put into it, the engine itself can be used as a vacuum pump.
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    Cuts out while rolling into boost

    Where is your AFR gauge mounted? Try and focus on it, as long as its not down on the console. You should see go rich lean right before it nose dives. What do you have your alky knob set to? Maybe its ramping up too quick. A lot of great suggestions here.
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    Knock system

    Electrical issues can also mess with the signal and is what I would be looking for in this situation. What spark plugs? Non resistor? It’s obviously not real knock.
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    Vapor canister purge valve replacement

    Yes it can add up quick.
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    Vapor canister purge valve replacement

    Flux that crank check it for cracks but if it were me, I would just buy a steel crank. Ideally you would do a complete forged rotator and 2 center steel caps. That would be some good insurance.
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    Turbo Shield / Cover

    I respectfully disagree With the oil throwing it out of balance. The oil does not have a chance sticking to the crank when centrifugal force is at work. Im not a pro balancer but my machinist is and I know the motors he balances are the smoothest running Buick V6’s you will ever feel. You would...
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    Turbo Shield / Cover

    Bottom line, don’t worry about it. Put it together.
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    Turbo Shield / Cover

    Really? How much does a set of rings weigh? Next to nothing.
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    fuel pump not getting power

    Check the signal from the ecm. The driver can go bad. Seen it many times
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    Any 200-4r's in BG?

    These people love to push and push them cry when they get shot. This is what needs to happen. These people can’t just be left to get away what ever they want. She lucky she didn’t get shot. Stop provoking!!
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    Going back to the track!

    Do a third gear pull without any shifts. Put the shifter in regular Drive. Get the speed up to 45 mph and lay into it. If it shifts down, abort and try again starting with a little higher speed. If you can get a clean 3rd gear pull with no knock, any knock in lower gears is false. Transition or...