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  • TurboBuRick
    Can we get more emicons. like a rolling happy face for ROTFLMAO etc. Thanks injinjn
    please delete my poll attempt off the general tech forum....i was trying to preview it but even without submitting it was showing up....please just clear off the board for now. thnx.
    Question, I'm going to remove the turbo (TE44) from my Buick and send it in for repair/rebuilt...are there ay resources available that can give me good instructions on removing it so I don't fowl things up? It's my first turbo and I'm getting acquainted with the engine and mechanics of it....needing help! - Brian
    I hear ya. People want it all for nothing. I'm having the same problem selling parts out of my motor.
    Tony Shoaff was asking about it so I just wanted to touch base with you. We'll see what happens.
    Rick, I have not sold my MAFT Stuff yet. I'm waiting for this cash to help pay for the XFI. If you have another lead sell it. I'm tryin g to dump this stuff but everybody wants it for free.......
    Nope. Got the one out of Brians Regal.

    Steel crank, 2 steel mains, .030 over, je pistons ported irons ans a rollor cam. Ha!

    Need to do some clen up on the compartment and waiting on Jimmy to fix my trans.

    I'll keep you posted.
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