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    Riviera T-Type Transmission Core FS

    All, I've got a transmission from a Riviera T-type available from my '85 Toronado: From a 1985 (I believe) Buick Riviera T-Type (*will not ship*, rebuildable core) Lost every gear but 1st and reverse with no warning. Could be a governor failure as I lost the speedometer input at the same...
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    83/84 Grille differences?

    I know the '83 and earlier and '84 and later use different bumper fillers, and that they are different around the grille area. Will an '84 grille AND '84 bumper filler fit on an '83, or do I have to change the whole header panel?
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    '83 Regal T-type trunk torsion bars

    I had someone that weighs 300 lbs with arms the size of my legs help me :)
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    '83 Regal T-type trunk torsion bars

    One of the original bars is missing and has been since I bought the car. Considering I got it for a song, I can't complain. Turbofish, thanks, glad to hear it's only a 2dr/4dr thing. I shouldn't have too much trouble finding replacements then.
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    '83 Regal T-type trunk torsion bars

    Hi all, I'm working on fixing up my '83 Regal T-type. My next job was going to be to replace the trunk torsion bars (the trunk doesn't stay up). I have one of the original bars, and I pulled a set off an '84 4 door Cutlass that I junked, but they don't fit. The "U" end of the bar isn't wide...
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    What other cars came with the 8.5 rear

    Yep, 8.5" 3.73 in the '84 Hurst/Olds, '85-'87 442; 8.5" 3.42 in '84-'87 Turbo Regals. '83 H/Os and Turbo Regals are unique in that they came with the 200-4R transmission but 7.5" rears.
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    Shifting from 1st almost straight to third, then fourth and bog

    Third the TCC solenoid problem, my Dad's Riviera does the same thing. What you're probably feeling is 1st, 2nd, lock, 3rd, 4th. On my Toronado, the 3->4 **** is incredibly harsh if it happens with the converter locked. Shakes the whole car.
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    My 83 T-Type has a 200 4R

    Yep, a few models got the 200-4R in 83... the T-type and the Hurst/Olds are the two that I know about. My '83 T-type had a 200-4R in it from the factory. It still does, but it's not the original unit.
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    slippage? (long)

    Do you have manual first? I've had at least one trans lose reverse and it ended up being the lo-rev clutches. I think the diagnostic procedure is to put it in D, wait for it to shift into 2nd, and then, kick it down to 1st and see if you have engine braking.
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    what blocks are interchangable with 85?

    Where are you located? I've got an '84 RWD cutlass with a 3.8 that I'm parting out in Johnstown, PA. If you wanted the block you could have it for free. I sure don't need it.
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    Weight of 200-4r trans

    Mine weighed 125lbs (according to the shipping manifest).
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    Need a transmission shop in NoVa or Western PA...

    That's kind of a long way away... nothing any closer?
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    Need a transmission shop in NoVa or Western PA...

    I do believe my 180,000 mile 325-4L just kicked the bucket on me. 2nd is slipping terribly and it's flaring on the 2->3 shift. I've got a Turbo Riviera transmission lying around that I'd like to have rebuilt to replace it. Does anyone know of a decent transmission shop in the Western PA...
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    Transmission buzz or whine while in gear?

    I had a similar problem when I replaced the TH250C in my '84 Cutlass with a 200-4R from an LG4 Monte. The 200-4R had a nasty annoying buzzing sound when in gear and stopped (foot on the brake). It was typically fluid level related; if it was a pint low it buzzed in all gears, if it was spot on...
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    84 V6 parts for sale

    49-blues, no clue on the mileage on the 4.1, I was hoping to get $250 for the whole thing. It has the heads, timing cover & water pump, and the rotating assembly in it. Turbomonte, Thermostat housing & pass side exhaust manifold off the N/A 3.8? $20 plus shipping and let me know if you want...