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    78 Century Sport Coupe

    Haven't been on here in ages, was trolling and saw this ad... Loved these cars when I was 11-12 years old back when they were new. Buick did some fun things with the G-bodys in the late 70s. I wanted to take a Century Sport Wagon and put a GN drivetrain in it. Had all the parts to do it long...
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    What kind of lives some GNX's had?...

    Been a while since I've been here but I was on the Gulf Coast of FL this weekend with my son and saw #428 at the Sarasota car museum. Looked like it had been painted at least once, odo showed 05xxx niles, underside of car and paint work makes me think it was 105k.... Looked to have aftermarket...
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    Duttweiler cars

    The last GN I had (back in 2006 - ack!) was originally a stock eliminator drag car that was raced on the east coast (NJ) in the early 90s. It had a Duttweiler engine in it. I confirmed it via a call to Kenny's shop and a long conversation with his wife with the engine # and who it was originally...
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    Fuel Pump Hot Wire Setup

    SOLD - thanks!
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    Fuel Pump Hot Wire Setup

    Found what looks to be like the engine compartment end of the fuel pump hot wire kit from one of the cars I parted before getting rid of my GN... It was hiding on a shelf of other stuff in the garage. Has the fender mounted relay (PN 25553347), fuse holder, alternator power connection, ground...
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    Fuel Pump Hot Wire Setup

    EDIT - posted in wrong forum - duh. Moved to "Parts for sale"...
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    FBI/Law Enforcement Grand Nationals and GNXs

    There was usually also a fuse (conveniently labeled "DRL") that did nothing else but kill the stupid things. My '97 Suburban was done this way - it didn't kill the light on the dash, just the ones that mattered outside. When they went to the newer body style truck in '99-00, the used a sensor...
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    Literature/Manuals For Sale

    Um, dude - this thread is over a year old :eek: :eek: All is long since sold.
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    FBI/Law Enforcement Grand Nationals and GNXs

    Sorry, I can't. I do know that the cars are/were generally run on a 3 year program and then are sold at auction but the Regals were held on to for longer for whatever reason. I recall when they first hit the auctions, they had between 70-90k miles and some sold for very little money as no one...
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    FBI/Law Enforcement Grand Nationals and GNXs

    Eric is "the" expert for GM parts for sure, I won't challenge his knowledge (or resources!) to validate that sort of thing. He even helped me come up with a scan of an ancient Buick hawk decal a couple years back... As for DRLs on older GMs (like my '97 Suburban) there's a fuse for it that if...
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    my gn's new house

    Mark - have you talked to the guys at Pre-Bilt? They did a couple garages around here that are pretty darn good. The sales guy is a PITA, but aren't they all?
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    How psychotic are you about car maintenance?

    I agree with Bass and you... If you can do the work, I'd say do it now before it's a problem in the event it is a known issue. As Bass said, only way a head gasket would go is through serious overheating... Now, that said, Nissan's aren't alone in being known for bad head gaskets. Land Rover v8s...
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    FBI/Law Enforcement Grand Nationals and GNXs

    Re: the CT cars: Those CT pursuit/revenue generating (ticket) cars were normal Turbo Regals (no GNs were used) for the state Police. The used to run moving speed patrols with the Regals, Crown Vics and Mustang 5.0 LX notchbacks on most highways in CT (95, Merritt, 84, 8/25, 2, 9 etc). The CVs...
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    Connecticut TB BBQ

    Damn - I'd have dropped by for this, looks like it was fun!
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    Pinks dude bites it LOL

    Saw this when it first aired a year or so ago. Spit my beer across the room I was laughing so hard. Guy is such a tool...