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Your in my state. Pm me for my number. I have an opportunity for you. Boeing is still hiring qualified folks and they get a tax break for hiring vets. You can stay in this great state (except for our political idiots) and plant real roots working private sector and add to the federal money pot and not take from it. I work with lots of great military folks. Come join us. Asthma is not a concern with us.


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Progress was made in the last few weeks. I am now (finally) officially disqualified submarines. My current title is ET1/SP (submarine prior)

My command contacted a few of the ECM's (guys that handle rate conversions) and IC (interior communications) said they will take me.

I still have to put in a packet to cross rate and it has to be officially approved by big navy, but there is a better then average chance that it will go through.

Thank you to all the supporting comments and I will keep y'all posted now that things are probably going to start happening a lot faster.

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Really glad to hear things are working out for you Matt !!

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Matt. Just my .02 cents. Have you considered doing Aircrew? Convert to AW and start flying. Maybe start hunting your old shipmates :). All Aircrews are AWs now. You know how it goes. All AT flyers became AWs with that AT NEC. Would depend on you how controlled you asthma is.

Also, can't believe I'm saying this. Have you looked into becoming an officer ;) ? Thought I heard about an old program coming back. Taking a few years off and get to finish your degree. Just more ideas to put in your over crowded brain right now. Take it easy. Everything will work out?

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i was in a similar situation had been in 20 years diagnosed with cancer got treatment and went to a medical review board, got cleared to stay active duty but cold never go overseas again. i read into that meaning as soon as this latest term is up so got proactive and started looking for jobs. i found one as an engineer and they needed me imeadiately so i got the flight doc to reverse the MRB decision and two weeks later i was out. didn't regret my decision glad i left one my terms