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May 24, 2001
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Dec 18, 1947 (Age: 69)
Seymour, TN
Retired Navy E8

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Turbo Buick Tech Moderator, Male, 69, from Seymour, TN

Staff Member TurboBuick.Com Supporter!
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Sep 13, 2017 at 9:53 AM
    1. Fitman5150
      Recently got a used Translator. Purchased new 3" LT1 MAF sensor. When I hooked everything up I could tell a BIG improvement in power. After
      30-min of driving the motor started stumbling big time. But not dying...After reinstalled stock MAF sensor, everything went back to normal
      Correct adjustments for the Translator Plus? Currentl set ON, ON, ON , OFF & both dials at the 12 position
      am running a TT 6.1 chip.
    2. Wade Pacely
      Wade Pacely
      What's the biggest turbo I can put on my 87 3.8 liter Buick 109 block bored .030, stroked 3.625 crank, 6.350 H beam all forged, billet main caps, TA SE fully ported heads, girdled, RJC Mega Cooler???
    3. 57 chevy
      57 chevy
      Hi Dave, I live by Metro Airport in Mich. I am looking for a 87 gn tuner mechanic in Southeast mi. Do you have any suggestions?
    4. Sleeper
      Hi Dave, we had spoke a while ago about some MAFTpro stuff on the FullThrottle board. I was doing some reading of your old posts, and before you switched over to the SD2 chip, you had liked the way your car ran in MAF mode for idle and cruise, and used your WB to control the WOT stuff. Can I pick your brain with a couple of questions about your old setup if you still remember?
    5. chad mcwhorter
      chad mcwhorter
      Dave, this is Chad again in tn. I got some good advice from u last year and am looking for a little more. I live in Clarksville tn. and need a mechanic shop that knows about GN's. Who do u use when you are not wrenching on them yourself?
    6. nocutt
      Hi turbodave don't know who to turn to besides you and RUQWK (but he has been missing in action for a while) I was wondering if you had access ( or know someone who has) to a t3 footprint divided turbine housing with a 3" V-band outlet...
      A/R can be in the range of .8 - 1.00A/r (max)...
      I happen to have seen one from AGP, but upon asking have not received a response...so perhaps that is a last resort...
    7. Buckshot G/N
      Buckshot G/N
      Hello Neighbor .. Dave this is Warren , I talk with Scot about a month ago about my brakes blowing that 30 amp fuse. I check the brake switch its find ,I'm Dumb founded .I would like to keep my car as stock as possible. Your Thoughts Sir. give me a call at your convenience.
      1. Old Guy Dave
        Old Guy Dave
        This is OLD GUY DAVE....It is most likely. The motor is bad.have been fighting a brake problem on my car also. Found the brake accumulator is shot. Thinking of changing out whole break unit. With rebuilt one.I would like to keep the car a stock as possible also
        Dec 12, 2014
    8. chad mcwhorter
      chad mcwhorter
      Hey Dave, Since you were spot on with the brake diagnosis, I thought I would ask you about another issue. I do not have as much power on takeoff as I did when I first got the car ( very noticeably different). since the car sat for many years, I was wondering if maybe the injectors are clogged, O2 sensor bad ,etc. I don't know anyone down here to help me. I would be willing to drive to you if you ever had time .
    9. chad mcwhorter
      chad mcwhorter
      .I have an 87 national with 11,000 original miles. when I hit my brakes, the pump clicks on/off erratically and the brakes go to the floor. it still stops, but doesn't feel very safe, . I metered the plug when I hit the brakes and the voltage does not fluctuate like the pump goes on/off. Do u think I need to replace the pump/ motor assy. or what? any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
    10. Billy Thomas
      Billy Thomas
      My name is Billy.
      I am new to this site.
      I heard you are a honest person.
      I am seeking a steering column for my 87 GN.
      There is a person here named James- psiedv6
      Have you heard anything about him
      1. TurboDave
        I don't know him personally, but he has sold a good bit of stuff on the board here.
        Jun 30, 2012
    11. tvelotta
      Good morning,
      On PL the ecm a/f ratio is running really rich (13.5). Running a 6.1 tweak chip. Blm running 138 after warmup. I recently changed out the MAF with a new one. Anything I mentioned kick up an idea.

      Ted V
    12. TurboDave
      Don't mind at all. BTW, sorry for the late reply. I guess I never paid much attention to the tiny little message totification on the main page.
    13. Big Turbo Scott
      Big Turbo Scott
      Hi Dave, I see that you appear to be a Maftpro guru.(compared to me anyway) I was hoping to pick your brain about the tuning aspect of the unit when I get to that point again. I say again because Ive installed it once and the car never ran correct even after hours of fiddling with it. I met Bob at bowling green and he tried to get it in the ballpark with no avail. Anyhow, he took it with him back to Michigan and sent it back to me and ive yet to put it back in. Im in the process of installing the bung for the wideband and the ATS. Should have it complete soon. Do you mind if I use ya as a personal tuning coach? Thanks in advance, Scott
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    Dec 18, 1947 (Age: 69)
    Seymour, TN
    Retired Navy E8
    My car(s):
    86 Grand National
    01 Ford Excursion
    12 Lincoln MKT 3.5 twin turbo
    Keeping my GN up to snuff


    TurboDave EWCS(SW), USN,(Ret.)
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    Seymour, TN

    SD2 Speed Density Powerlogger, Scanmaster-G. fuel, spark, boost management.

    86 GN TE44 Turbo, SD2/Powerlogger w/boost control, PLX WBO2 (original owner)
    01 Excursion LTD 7.3L PSD(Power Stroke Diesel), Turbo, 4X2
    12 Lincoln MKT, Twin Turbo 3.5V6, 365HP, AWD, Ecoboost