transmission leak

I decided to make post and ask you guys what you think before I pull this 200r4 out for the 4th time and shoot it. I have PTC converter that I installed when I built the motor and on the first start up it leaked from the front pump/seal area. I replaced the front seal twice, pump seal once then on the third try I noticed a crack in torque convertor hub so I sent it to PTC for repair. So today I installed the rebuilt converter and the same thing happened a mist of transmission fluid slinging off the convertor in a straight line on the ground


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Any wobble in the converter when the engine is running? Any work done to the transmission other than the front seal change? There was no leak with the original converter? Any history on the transmission?

Steve V

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Pull it send it back to PTC again have them recheck their work, pull out the pump, change the bushing, seal, o ring, and gasket. If you can't take it to any trans shop and they can handle the bushing. No leak before? Then it's the convertor, seal or bushing.


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I'm going to have to agree with Steve. Pull the pump and inspect it. The cracked hub on the converter is a clue. The last time I saw that it was because the pump halves were misaligned.